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Talking Around the Mobile Web
Although many have cell phones and other mobile devices that would permit mobile surfing, few do.

Part of this is explained by the poor appearance of many websites as seen through a mobile device

Given the push to have more mobile-friendly websites, hopefully this will change.

The dotMobi community is providing resources and we now have a dotMobi Mobile Web Developers Guide.

The Mobile Web – A Turbulent River
Both Vint Cerf and Bill Gates have described the Internet as a tidal wave, however as mentioned in a previous post it may give a clearer picture if we think of the Internet or the World Wide Web as a river.

Why Average Joes Don’t Blog

Victor Keegan in the Guardian today says To the average Joe, blogs aren’t cutting it. His article is somewhat downbeat about the state of the blogosphere. He acknowledges that there’s quite a bit of activity.

CEOs – They Should Get Out More

A Globe and Mail article this week by Tavia Grant suggested that CEOs are ‘still in the dark’.

(Hat tip to Rick Spence for mentioning this.)

Domain Names – Choosing Them Alphabetically
There was an amusing aspect to the Google Search Engine Ranking Factors version 2 that SEOmoz put out this week.

Non-Blog Reasons Why Newspapers are Dying

There’s another flurry of ‘Newspapers Are Dead‘ posts this weekend. Dave Winer seemed to have triggered this by his post on the troubles at the San Francisco Chronicle. Robert Scoble has taken up the theme as he did some months ago. Even the Google Guys and Dave Barry have voiced the same views in the past.

Goo-Fone or Gphone – Fact or Fiction?

Goo-Fone? .. or should that be Gphone? It may not matter given what Google is said to have said. Google seems to be strongly denying the rumors that it will develop its own cell phone.

Adaptation – Does it Trump Copyright?

A recent post by Dorrian Porter highlighted an interesting topic raised by Russell Buckley just over one year ago. The title was, ‘Who Gave Google Permission to be the Judge and Jury of Mobile Content?‘ Despite some very informed comments the topic remained unresolved. In order to render certain web pages suitable for mobile devices, Google had cut out some advertising and in some cases added their own.

Social Media and Support Communities

Social Media is a hot phrase currently. It’s an extension of the idea implicit in that Times Magazine selection of YOU (that’s all of us) as Person Of The Year in 2006.

Volvo Spreads the Word with SMM

SMM is of course Social Media Marketing. Social Media is the latest buzzword to describe the phenomenon whereby almost everyone is talking to almost everyone else via Internet websites such as YouTube, Flickr or MySpace. Now the marketing for the 2007 Volvo S80 from Volvo Cars is tapping into such media.

Bad News Travels Faster with Social Media

Social media are the new vehicles on the Internet that allow humans to interact with each other. They’re proliferating at an incredible rate. It can be as simple as a commenting system on a blog or voting on videos on YouTube. Most humans are sociable creatures and enjoy such interactions. Not surprisingly social media are becoming more and more popular.

Does SMM Do Mobile?

Pandia Search Engine News suggested as 2007 opened that this is the year of Social Media Marketing (SMM). Certainly and not unexpectedly everyone seems to be talking about it. In response, the Cre8asite Forums have opened a new Forum on Social Media and Tagging.

Newspaper Design And Usability

Usability measures how satisfactory the user will find the experience of using a product or service. It’s as appropriate for newspapers as it is for coffee makers.

Social Media Marketing – the Latest Buzz

When Strategic Marketing Montreal (SMM) came on the scene in 2002, there was very little confusing competition for that acronym, SMM.

Memorable Search Visible Blog Posts


The user-friendliness of blogging software has made it easy for anyone who would like to communicate with the world to do so. That explains a large part of the millions and millions of blogs that now populate the blogosphere. Others who see the moneymaking potential of blogging by adding advertisements to their blogs add to the flood. Given this cacophony, how does anyone with a serious view to express ensure that it stands above the crowd?

Is Your Computer Ready to Spring Forward?

Were you aware that in August of 2005, the United States Congress passed the Energy Policy Act, which makes daylight saving time (DST) start three weeks earlier and end one week later.

Walled Gardens and Newspapers

The Globe and Mail tells us that "Google loses copyright case in Belgium". Apparently a court has now ruled in favour of Belgian newspapers that sued Google Inc., claiming that the Web search Internet search leader infringed copyright laws and demanded it remove their stories. They want only subscribers to be able to see their articles within their walled gardens. Presumably they do not wish searchers to find their contents by using search engines.

Removing Spam From the Net

Neither Hormel, the maker of Spam, nor Monty Python’s Spamalot would appreciate the sentiment in the title.

Mobile Web – A Completely New Ball Game

Rich Skrenta feels that it’s time for the Winner To Take All. Google has won in what he calls the Third Age of Computing.

Has Wikipedia Gone No Follow?

There’s a thread on the DigitalPoint Forums asking “Wikipedia gone No Follow?”

Where Websites Are Concerned, Less Is More

I chanced to find a most staggering item on Karen Blakeman’s Blog entitled UK Government to Close Down Web Sites.

I Should Have Said BrainBoost

The term BrinBoost I recently coined is unlikely to go anywhere.

Keep It Simple, Sergey – Mobile Local Search

As we have suggested before, Mobile Local Search will be the biggest Internet application in use and in cash spin-offs.

Slogging and Rare Customers

Some companies are dealing in market places where there are very few customers.