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Twitter, Blogosphere Destroyer

Is Twitter Killing Blogs and Blogging? was the question posed by Mark Evans.

My sense is Twitter is emerging as a vibrant alternative to bloggers and blog readers. Some bloggers who may find the grind of writing daily are now able to share their thoughts in quick bursts on Twitter, and still feel like they are contributing and cultivating their digital brands.

What Do You Think About Speech Technology?

If it works for your blog, why not your bank?

This blog is created by using the Dragon NaturallySpeaking software from Nuance. Just dictate away and typo-free text appears on the screen. It works very effectively and rarely makes a mistake. It really is very impressive. It is one of the reasons why I believe that speech technology is the killer app for the mobile web.

Twitter Is Over Capacity

Decisions. Decisions. How to stay in touch with the exponential growth of the technical information being developed by our exponentially growing network of contacts. The Internet is a fertile field for all this growth but how do we poor humans stay on top of it.

Is Google Driving Down the Value of Domain Names?

Robin Cannon in Search Engine Journal asks the somewhat puzzling question, ‘Is Google Trumping The URL?‘ Apparently more and more people use Google to find websites than type in the URL in the address bar of their browser. As he says:

Do Google Snippets Need Improving?

A surprising number of people, and indeed some surprising people, are now using Twitter to give status reports on what is happening in their corner of the universe. The strict imposition of no more than 140 characters and spaces seems to concentrate the mind most effectively. Tweats are of course produced by human writers. Twitter can certainly be rated a success.

Confirming Existence By Twittering

René Descartes felt that the proof of his existence was that he thought from time to time.

iPhone Popularity Inspires Keyless Trend

Engadget Mobile often has some intriguing glimpses of what may be in our future.

Google Introduces Slideshows for Adwords

It would appear that Google has introduced a new feature in its Adwords process.

If you check the image below, you will see outlined in red a small Previous and Next pair of buttons at the bottom left on the Adsense ads that were shown this evening.


2008 May Be Google’s Year for Mobile

As the Chinese are reputed to say, may you live in interesting times. 2008 will undoubtedly be interesting. That’s how David Armano is seeing it. For him, 2007 Was The Year of Social Media. 2008 is the Year of Mobile Media.

Chat with Google Translation Bot

If you need to translate to another language and occasionally need help on a word there is a new feature in Gmail Chat that you may find helpful.

You can find more details in a Googletalk blog post by Jonas Lindberg and there are more details on the blog of Rich Tehrani.

Ottawa to Hold Auction of the Wireless Spectrum

Tom Peters suggested that for many big companies the words "We’re No Worse Than the Other Guy" could be the company motto emblazoned in gold letters over the entrance.

He was describing banks but according to a recent survey on customer service the cell phone companies are the lowest on the totem pole.

Problems with Google Blog Search

Lisa Barone writing in the Bruce Clay Blog was kind enough to mention a thread I started over at the Cre8asite Forums suggesting that the Ask.com Blog Search was filling a Google vacuum.

Google I’m Feeling Lucky Button Nostalgia?
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The I Feel Lucky button on the Google keyword search page has been there forever.

Open Source vs. Walled Gardens

Open vs. Walled – let the best win.

Recently in Boston, Tim Berners-Lee, the inventor of the World Wide Web, was pushing a theme that is dear to many of us. The Mobile Web should grow with open standards. The Walled Garden approach should be abandoned.

Walking On the Mobile Web

Perhaps the title reminds you of that encouragement from Google to go Walking, Talking, Searching, Finding on the Mobile Web. However Jacqui Cheng has spotted a different way of using your feet. Apparently HP has now come out with a control device for computers that can be activated by your feet.

Blogging Profitability

Business blogging is a powerful way for a company to dialogue with its clients. If anything, it is likely that the movers and shakers among the clients are the ones most likely to take part in such dialogues. Thus a business blog is an essential part of a company’s Internet marketing program. Its effects can have a sizable effect on the bottom line.

GOOG or CALL for Free 411

Both Google and Microsoft have now introduced their voice-based local search facility for your phone.

Sound and Mobile Web Ads

Most websites need financial support if they are to provide services to website visitors.

That is particularly tough for cell phones, which access the mobile web, since small screens do not leave much room for advertising. If you feel that a major slice of mobile Web activity will be via sound technology, then there is an additional challenge. Who wants to wait patiently listening through a sound advertisement until they get to the information they were seeking?

Google Supplemental Label Out. What Next, PageRank?
Which item published by Google is:

Calacanis & Godin – Ultimate Linkbait?

User Experience In Montreal

Excuse this rant, but Users should count more since products and services are created for their users. If more users ranted about their dissatisfactions, perhaps the message would begin to get through.

Interesting Times for the Newspapers

Mark Glaser believes that the ‘Cup Is Overflowing’ for Future of Journalism. As he writes:

Explosive Mobile Web Growth

Bango this week published statistics that confirm that the United States is at the forefront of a mobile web growth with a three-fold increase in usage over the last year. This rapid rise, taking the US to second position behind the UK, is being fuelled by the increasing popularity of mobile search as a way of finding new content and services.

Webmaster – An Obsolete Concept?

One word that causes a great deal of problems is Webmaster. Perhaps many will disagree with me, but hear me out. I acknowledge that it will be difficult to bury the word. After all even the mighty Google helps to support the word through its immensely useful Google Webmaster Central. However I believe this word and the function that it implies can create a great deal of organizational dysfunction, particularly in big companies.