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Barry Hurd is a fifteen year veteran of online marketing and interactive advertising. As president of Social Media Systems online marketing company, he is an evangelist for emerging social technology and shares his daily thoughts on the 3net Search Engine Marketing Blog.
Social Media Bomb Sent from USAToday

Working diligently through the week, contributing reporter Greg Farrell from USAToday probably never realized that his actions would send an impact around the world. In a hurried rush of editorial confusion, Greg succumbed to the pressure of sending along a message that should have been double-checked.

Semantic Images & SEO

Very rarely do I come across software that makes me go “WOW”

Keep in mind that I read almost everything covering new social software.

Microsoft has a project team working on a piece of software called SeaDragon.

What is SeaDragon?

Social Media = Buyers

I often get a laugh out of how marketers interpret information. A few days ago the BNET crew wrote a brief article about “Myspace and YouTube: Bad Marketing?”

I always put on my thinking cap and ask hard questions when marketers draw faulty links or the point they are trying to make is conflicting in the same paragraph:

Google and Ethics
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I have been consulting on internet marketing for over a decade. In my career I have seen many unethical things, from Fortune 500 companies performing many questionable actions, to observing sales agents selling on a fundamentally wrong foundation.

Social Media and Candy

One of the primary reasons I *love* being in the social media arena is due to how technology is changing different industries that have existed for decades.

Due to that idea, one of the most basic questions is “what is social media?”

Social Media – Target Demographics

Social targeting is quickly becoming a benchmark with advertisers and publishers… not because it is a key to the golden gates of marketing 101, but because online consumers are adopting search behaviors to understand where they will find like-minded people. This adoption curve is creating thriving and multiplying social circles that are interconnected on the basis of common interest.

Major Media Explores Web 2.0

In the past week, USA Today has jumped into the water of Web 2.0 by adopting a social media platform to allow readers and editors to begin having a conversation. This is yet another significant benchmark in adoption of social media. USA Today is a well known media outlet that services a nationwide audience:

Per the USA Today media kit

8 Reasons Social Media is Hot

For the past five years, the three primary search engines have dominated the online advertising industry.

The market share for search engines has brought them to virtual peak in the industry, as the effectiveness of click pay per click campaigns is questioned against the weight of click-fraud and other emerging advertising options.

All is not lost. According to a survey of 1,010 advertisers and media types including online, print, events, TV/radio/movies from Outsell, Inc the annual report on ad spending suggests: