About Barry Harrison

Barry Harrison, author of "REDiTIPS eMarketing Newsletter" is a partner in Resolve Digital, Web Strategies for the Real World. Visit his site at http://www.resolvedigital.com or mailto:barry@resolvedigital.com
The Truth About Pay Per Click Marketing

The key to an effective Pay-Per-Click program is driving the “right” traffic to your website. Since you pay every time someone clicks through to your site you want to attract only visitors who are interested in your product or service. And you want to be sure that, when they arrive at your site, they can find what they’re looking for- quickly.

What’s REALLY Happening on Your Website?

Your Website offers your business a unique benefit you may not be aware of — valuable information about your visitors is captured in the site log files. If you know how to interpret this data, you can use it to improve your visitors’ experience, build site traffic and increase sales.