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Advantages in migrating from ASP to ASP.NET

ASP to ASP.NET migration can be done by just changing the extension from .asp to .aspx.

How to Use AdRotator Control in ASP.Net?

Adrotator control is available in ASP.Net to make the task of rotating the advertisement images in a web form quick and easy.

How to Use SQLXML to Retrieve Data From SQL Server Database?

Using SQL Server 2000 and above versions you can retrieve data from SQL Server in XML format directly from the database.

How to Save an Image in a SQL Server Database?
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Most web applications have a lot of images used in them. These images are usually stored in a web server folder and they are accessed by giving the relative path to the file with respect to the root folder of the website.

Understanding XML Server

XML Server can be a Web Server that stores the XML files in it and serves them on demand. The XML Server would have processing capabilities with an XML engine and to transform the XML document to other forms. Basically a server which hosts and serves the XML documents is called a XML Server.