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The Secret of Custom Error Pages

Just about every website has a broken link here or there that no longer connects to the page specified in the URL.

How To Profit From Custom Error Pages!

In a moment I’m going to show you how you can not only make your error pages far more useful, but also how you can even use them to make money!

How To Ensure Your Article Is NOT Published

I bet you’ve heard that submitting articles for publication in ezines is an excellent, low-cost means of promotion.

Essential Internet Marketing Acronyms Explained

If you’re new to Internet marketing, the many acronyms and abbreviations often used in discussions on the subject can be confusing. To help you get up to speed quickly, here are the meanings of the most important:

Do You Wait for Pages to Load?

Though I always recommend that you design your pages to load as fast as possible, just as I do with my own, I actually never wait for pages to load when I’m surfing. However, statistics abound that show that most people do wait, since it’s the #1 reason for people leaving a web site. With that in mind, it occurred to me that obviously most people don’t surf the way I do, otherwise, page load times wouldn’t be such an issue.

An Autoresponder – the Marketer’s Best Friend

Autoresponders (also known as mailbots, automatic email and email on demand) are great promotional tools, without which you’ll find it difficult to succeed online.

Platform Problems with Fonts and Text

In a previous article, I mentioned that it’s important to know how your pages will appear to surfers, so that you have more control over your image. You should choose a sensible font that most surfers will have installed on their system, and include at least one other similar font as a back-up alternative in your font tags or style sheet.

Getting Published – Your Article Submission Checklist

Follow these important guidelines to increase the odds of having your article published.

Free Subscribers from Ezine Directories

Registering at numerous ezine directories, or other Web sites that list newsletters, is a simple way to recruit subscribers. Maintained for the benefit of visitors, these listings provide increased exposure to publishers who add their ezine to the database.

Site Graphics and other Jazzy Bits

What’s the number 1 reason why people leave web sites? Do you know? Not sure?

15 Tips For Getting Your Web Site Listed

1. Each page should have a different title, meta description and meta keywords. The information should be appropriate to the particular page, not generic to the site.

The REAL Secret to Success

Many people are constantly searching for the secret to online success. Most never find it. Some go broke trying. Yet each year the resources spent in pursuit of the ‘holy grail’ of Internet marketing continue to grow.

What You Should Know About Site Layout, Frames and Tables

Frames Vs Tables

Some people like to use frames on their sites. I would recommend you avoid them if you can … and you probably can.

Do-It-Yourself Search Engine Optimization Part 3: Off-Page Factors

Once you have selected your keyphrases and optimized your pages for them, the last step is to make sure that you get linked from the best directories, and from lots of quality sites with a topic related to your site’s. The best search engines, and in particular Google (who alone can deliver 80% of the search engine traffic to your site) “crawl” the web looking for links to your site. They interpret a link to your page as a vote, and the more links (votes) you have coming from quality sites the higher your page rank will be, and the higher the possibility that your page will achieve a good position in the search results pages. It’s that simple. Following these four steps is the best way to get the quality links you need:

Marketing With Signature Files

A signature file is a short paragraph of text that you place at the end of your email messages or any articles that you write. It should be about 5 or 6 lines long and contain your contact details with a brief summary of what you or your company offers.

Web Site Text and Navigation

Ever been to one of those ever-so-cool (at least that’s what the web master thinks!) sites with colored text on a dark background? Do you find it difficult to read? Don’t worry – it’s not your eyes! So do I. So does everybody!

Why Two Tier Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs that pay two tier commissions are those that pay you a small percentage on every sale made by any new affiliate you refer, in addition to the usual commission on your own sales.

You Don’t Need A Merchant Account …

That’s right, you don’t need one – but if you’re selling your own products or services, you’ll sell much more with one! Think about it … one of the main advantages of buying online is convenience.

How To Unsubscribe From Email Lists

I often see examples of people attempting to unsubscribe from the lists they are on that are doomed to failure. This seems most prevalent on the lists hosted by the major list hosts.

What is an Affiliate Program?

You’ve heard all about them… what exactly are they? Affiliate or associate programs (sometimes called reseller or partnership programs) are usually pay-per-sale marketing programs based on the concept of revenue sharing.

Fast Form Filling on the Web

The first bit’s easy … create a text file containing all the information that you will need to type over and over again when you fill in online forms. Put your name, company name, address, phone number, URL, e-mail contact, etc.

Choosing your Affiliate Salary

Before joining any affiliate program you should consider the price of the product and the commissions you’ll get on each action or sale. To sell anything effectively you’ll need to put in some effort. It’s OK getting paid peanuts for click throughs on links if you have redundant space and your only effort is actually putting them up. After all it’s tough out there and every little helps, right?

Ranking Check Time-Saver Tip

When checking your site’s ranking under your preferred keywords in the search engines you’ll save a lot of time if you bookmark the results page of each keyword searched.

Top 5 of Budget Promotion Online

1. Search Engines

A controversial first choice perhaps. Nevertheless, more than 60% of surfers use search engines as their primary means of locating web sites. With approximately 180 million people online, that’s an awful lot of free traffic.