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Zune Is No Apple, It’s a Lemon

If you didn’t see any lines coming from your local electronics store and wrapping around the block, you weren’t the only one. Microsoft’s big debut of it’s Zune digital music player turned out to be an even bigger let down.

Volkswagen Navigates Google’s Earth

Since October 2005, Volkswagen and Google have been collaborating to develop a revolutionary new kind of navigation system that will change the way we travel.

Zune Bloggers Censored?

As of late, the press and reviews for Microsoft’s digitial music player Zune have been less than stellar. Bearing that in mind, does that give Microsoft the right to disassociate itself from websites or bloggers which they consider disparaging?

It’s A Bird, It’s A Plane…. It’s An iPod

Apple’s iPod has already conquered land, now it’s conquering air with the integration of iPod into airline’s in-flight entertainment systems. What’s next for iPod, scuba gear integration?

Online Social-Networking Multiplies

Following six and seven figure monetization deals for MySpace, YouTube, and Facebook, everyone seems to want to capitalize on the online social-networking industry. Multiply.com is no exception; they want their piece of the monetary pie.

Gifts For All

Completely perplexed when it comes to the gifts you will be giving this holiday season? Don’t worry, you aren’t the only one. Gifts.com’s ingenious design is sure to make everyone’s quest for the perfect holiday gifts a simple one.

GMail Adds New Features

The Google-owned, web-based email service GMail announced today that they have added five new features to their site to make sending and receiving mail more convenient for users.

Drop Spots Has Big Plans

Google’s Drop Spots has much grander plans for their online gift sharing community as I was told in an exclusive interview by the creators of the site.

Do You Like.com?

Do you ever wish you could actually see things that you were searching for, rather than searches just returning results in word form? Riya.com has created the new wave in searching: visual search engines.

Is MySpace the YouTube Killer? No!
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MySpace has some claws and they want to sink them into YouTube. The question is, can the place for friends “broadcast itself” to a higher number of visitors than YouTube?

Is Zune The iPod Killer?

You would think an epic battle was being fought if you listened to the hype being generated about Microsoft releasing an “equivalent” to Apple’s iPod. Who will win the war of the digital music players: iPod or Zune?

Google Buys Legal Troubles

Knowing that their online video service could not compete with YouTube, Google purchased the company to eliminate competition. They received a surprise bonus in the form of copyright infringement lawsuits filed by owners of pirated videos.

Microsoft Goes Universal

Proving that Microsoft is not the monopoly in all aspects of computer technology, the company has reached an agreement that they hope will help the Zune digital music player compete with Apple iPod.

iPod Shuffle Defect

The newest 2G iPod Shuffle comes with a convenient clip attached for consumers to, as the commercials demonstrate, clip onto the pocket of a pair of pants. That may seem like a relatively simple and convenient concept, but there’s one …

Leaving so Zune?

Microsoft’s MSN Music store customers may soon be singing a different tune if they attempt to use a Zune portable player from the company.

YouTube To Go on V Cast

Subscribers to Verizon wireless services will soon be able to carry YouTube with them thanks to a deal to bring the popular website together with V Cast.

Leap Onto Google

Not all are cell phone providers are bad. In fact, some might even care about their customers. A recent agreement between Leap Wireless International Inc. and Google has made that apparent.

Microsoft Designs School of the Future

Microsoft aids in the design of a $46 million Philadelphia public school that will pave the way for schools in the future.

Microsoft Should Invest in Marketing

Microsoft’s annual Employee Giving Campaign raises $63 million for various chartiable organizations, and receives almost no media coverage. Meanwhile search engine giant Google donates $30 thousand to Creative Commons, generating 2100 times the media coverage of Microsoft.

Yahoo! Cures Holiday Headaches

Yahoo! Tech has tried to make it as painless as possible for holiday shoppers to find gadgets with the launch of it’s holiday gift center.

Christmas Comes Early for Drop Spot Participants

The creators of the online gift sharing community known as Drop Spot restore a little faith in the human race by starting a chain of giving, linking cities across the United States.

Codename Max Signs Off

Microsoft abrubtly ends its popular year long endeavor known as the Codename Max project, leaving some users puzzled.

Is Bigger Always Better?

Should your company upgrade to grande? The monetary value of larger flat screen monitors is well worth the return in employee productivity, as proven in a recent study conducted by Apple Computers.