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Aurora Brown is the Social Media Manager and Editor-in-Chief for Authority Domains online marketing company. She currently authors the Authority Domains Search Engine Marketing Blog and is working on her first novel.
Innovation – The Key to Mainstream Media’s Survival

According to SFgate.com, the San Francisco Chronicle is cutting staff by 25%. Yep, 25% folks. That’s huge.

Networking Online Inspiring Groups to Take it Offline

A growing trend in the online world and social media in general is the proliferation of social groups and networks that are taking their services and members offline. Businesses like Yelp, Biznik and many others are looking for ways to maintain their user base and gain new customers.

In some cases the company holds sanctioned events and group networking meetings, but members often take it upon themselves to set up networking events. This is slowly creating more tight knit communities that are great for meeting people for general purposes and for networking.

MSM vs. Online Publishing
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It annoys me to no end that people in popular MSM publications who know almost nothing about the internet feel they are qualified to comment on some aspect of it.

For example, I recently happened upon an article in the Sunday times by columnist David Bullard.

Here’s a sample of what can be found:

Web Services, Contracts and Copyright

What’s the Deal With Contracts, Copyright and Web Related Services?

Contracts, Copyrights & Web-Related Services

What’s the deal with contracts, copyrights and Web-Related Services?

You’d think the answer to this question would be simple-always sign a contract, period- but it isn’t.

While this question applies over a broad spectrum of fields, it is especially ambiguous in the freelance world. This series of articles is geared towards individuals or companies looking to hire service providers like web designers, copywriters and internet marketers on a contract or freelance basis.

10 Ideas to Save DMOZ
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DMOZ, also known as the open directory project, is the largest human edited directory in the world and one of the most ‘trusted’ link directories on the internet.

However, in recent years it’s been steadily falling in popularity and the search engines no longer regard it as highly as they once did. More importantly for users, search engines have become progressively smarter and more sophisticated, which means that human edited directories like DMOZ aren’t as important.

Redefining Quality Content For The Web

When I first started writing for the web as a freelancer, my conception of content was, naturally, focused on writing. As I was drawn further and further into the online world and my understanding of the web grew, I realized that content applies to a broader spectrum of web-related mediums besides writing. Recently I was browsing online and thinking about some forums I’d visited that were debating the definitions of quality content; needless to say, it got me thinking.