About Asya

Asya has a Masters degree in English, and a PGDBM in Advertising and e-Marketing Management. She is one of the founders of Top Search Rankers, and the SEO moderator at the eWebdevelopment forums.
Copies Sell

I’ve been in the SEO business for a while now, but I’ve been a copywriter for a much longer period. SEO is challenging, but writing is my first love… and not without a reason too. If I take a little liberty with an old phrase, it should sound like…”A keyboard is mightier than a sword”… and I will stand by that saying.

Marketing and the Art of Negotiation

Scenario 1 – 16 year old Doug is having an argument with his father. Doug thinks that his allowance should be increased, now that he is 16. Dad has no problem with handing more money to his son. But there is a catch. He wants Doug to work part-time at his store and earn the sum.