About Asim Khan

With more than ten years of international business experience, Asim Khan brings dedication and tenacity to his role as Chief Executive Officer of Business Management Group, Inc. Corporate presidents, government officials, and industry associations seek his hard-earned expertise in a wide variety of industriescommodities, energy, electronics, manufacturing, technology, and financial services to name just a few. Mr. Khan also serves on the boards of directors for several corporations and nonprofit organizations.
Branding: A Competitive Advantage

People often think of a brand as the symbol, name or logo associated with a product. In reality, branding involves far more.

Licensing In The Marketing Mix

Licensing is a method of leveraging an organization’s process, trademark, patent, or other intellectual property for a fee or royalty.

Outsourcing Sales
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For many companies, the decision to outsource sales is based on the well-established idea that it is better to contract for services that are not within the scope of a company’s true set of competencies.

Asim Khan on Time Management
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With budgets getting tighter and competition getting fiercer, many employees find themselves forced to wear many hats. Too often, the heavy workload brought about by smaller staff sizes and multiple demands means that it is more and more difficult for employees to juggle conflicting expectations. Many people find themselves overworked and stressed to the limit on the job.

Deciding to Go International

In our increasingly global society, many companies cannot afford to live with the illusion that their domestic markets will always be strong.

Matching People With Organizational Culture

Matching individuals to organizations is a crucial part of success for any company. The match between people and the companies for which they work is determined by the kind of organizational culture that exists. The degree to which an organization’s values match the values of an individual who works for the company determines whether a person is a good match for a particular organization.

Understanding Work Teams
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In the last fifteen years, organizational structure has undergone a shift from the individual climb up the corporate ladder to an increasing emphasis on work teams and groups.