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Arik Hanson, is the principal of ACH Communications, a digital communications consultancy focused on fostering meaningful online interactions, driving digital relevance and building measurable growth through social channels. Arik's blog, Communications Conversations (www.arikhanson.com), has received numerous industry accolades including being named “Required Reading” by PRWeek and one of “The Top 25 Blogs to Follow” by PRWeb. He’s also a regular contributor to the PR Breakfast Club, Ragan.com, PR Daily and MinnPost.
Facebook Comments: A Game-Changer for Mainstream Media? Facebook Comments: A Game-Changer for Mainstream Media?
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If you’ve ever read a mainstream media outlet online, you know one thing’s for certain: You’re going to get a healthy dose of extreme remarks and opinions in the comment section of the article. Why? Because most mainstream media outlets …

How To Generate Social Content That Gets Clicked How To Generate Social Content That Gets Clicked
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Over the last two years, I’ve had the amazing fortune to work with more than 20 different organizations in helping them either develop their social media strategy, help them get smarter about online marketing or assisting them in developing social …

9 Online Resources For Those Looking To Break Into PR 9 Online Resources For Those Looking To Break Into PR
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Last week TJ Dietderich, of PR Breakfast Club fame, posed a simple question to me:  I get a lot of questions from friends looking to switch to PR as a career. What are the best online resources to send them to? …

Do Bloggers Need to be Active on Twitter to Win? Do Bloggers Need to be Active on Twitter to Win?
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Do bloggers really need to be active on Twitter to be successful in their blogging? It’s a question I posed on Twitter last week and it inspired some interesting conversation. First, I asked the following question: The only one anyone …

5 Facebook Insights Metrics to Track – And Why 5 Facebook Insights Metrics to Track – And Why
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By now, if you work in the digital arena, you’ve most likely taken a glimpse at Facebook Insights. After all, many people have responsibility for managing online communities, like Facebook, and need to track metrics and report back to management …

Blogger Outreach Lessons Learned From Recent Pitches I’ve Received
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Over the last year or so, I’ve received a number of pitches around my blog. Surprising to me, really. I guess I still think of this blog as a place where I merely share my thoughts on the digital marketing …

16 Surprising Social Media Stats
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Over the last few months, I’ve bookmarked and read hundreds of posts. And, like many of you, have catalogued the myriad of social media stats that come our way each day.

There’s almost too many social media stats–but a few of my favorite posts with aggregated stats are this one from B2B Social Media and this one from Danny Brown.

Keeping Your Digital Talent Pipeline Full
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One of the huge issues you’re going to see play out starting this year is the movement and flux of those that work within the digital marketing and PR industries.

It’s not often talked about, but believe me, it’s a major concern for agency owners and businesses. How do you retain your top digital talent? How do you keep them happy? And, how do you keep your eye on the next hire?

Facebook Groups As A Small Business Intranet Option
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When Facebook Groups was unveiled last year, I was skeptical. Facebook tinkers with its platform so much (to its credit) that I sometimes just tune out. Professionally, I need to know about these changes. And, more importantly, I need to know how they impact my clients. But, this one just didn’t do much for me.

Until I started revisiting the tool recently.

Brand Monitoring: Look at Brands That Are Doing it Right
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Listening. It’s a mantra we’ve heard PR, marketing and social media consultants preach to brands for the last two years. But, how many brands are really listening to their customers online?

I’m not talking about responding to comments on Facebook or Twitter. That’s fine, but at this point, it’s table stakes, don’t you think?

Check Out These LinkedIn Groups If You’re in PR
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If you work in PR, chances are you have one of three needs:

* A need to build or grow your network.

* A need to acquire new skills or hone existing ones.

* A need to find a new job.

While you could argue many social networks meet these three needs adequately, I might argue that LinkedIn has the biggest potential to meet these needs best when it comes to professional skill-building, networking and job-seeking.

But, are folks capitalizing on that opportunity within LinkedIn now? Not so much.

Resources to Help You Migrate Away From Delicious
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By now, you’ve probably heard the unfortunate news. Yahoo is sunsetting Delicious (and a few other platforms).

Folks are upset (or maybe disappointed is a better word). I’m one of them. I’ve come to rely on Delicious as my primary bookmarking system (not so much on the social side). And now I’m left looking for alternatives.

Learning PR From The NFL

I’m a Vikings fan. Have been my entire life. And I’ll tell you, it’s a curse. The ’97 season. 41-0. The NFC championship game in New Orleans last year (Tom Martin, not a WORD!). I can only compare it to what it must be like to be a Cleveland Indians fan (sorry Chuck Hemann). Heartache. Year, after year, after year.