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The Ten Golden-Rules of Selling the Way CEOs Sell

Can I have a Minute of Your Time?

Some of the most advanced sales tactics I’ve ever seen were demonstrated during a weekend seminar given by two purposeful, motivated, passionate salespeople who truly know how to build relationships with executives. These two pros are persuasive and relentlessly positive.

CEOs who Sell Share Ideas on Negotiating

One of the chapters in my new book “Think and Sell Like a CEO” (Entrepreneur Press September 2002), is on the topic of Negotiating. I think it might be a good idea to share with you some of the most advanced tactics that I’ve ever seen for the all important task of getting what you deserve (or, giving up as little as possible). Here’s a glimpse of what I’ve learned so far from the people whom I considered to be the wisest, most experienced people. Not too surprising, I imagine. Let’s look at the most profound yet subtle traits for wise negotiating as practiced at the top.

Are You Selling to the CEO without Knowing It?

CEOs take much the same energetic, visionary approach to buying as they do to selling. Whether or not you plan to sell to them directly, it behooves you to understand how they approach buying, as the head of the buying is usually the ultimate “Approver” within that organization.

Selling Like a Leader: Welcome to New World Selling TM

Last week, I was chatting by phone with a friend of mine who happens to be the CEO of a major player in the high-tech industry. We were talking about how, when, and why he decides to get involved in the sales process. An hour or so into our talk, almost as a lark, I decided to ask him for his take on the current state of the economy and how the events of September 11 had affected his own business. His answer was concise and it came quickly: “I believe it’s a new world,” he said, “and it’s a new world economy which is going to take new world marketing. That’s our working assumption for growing and succeeding from this point forward.”

Calling the CEO Its More Important (and Trickier) Than You Realize

When was the last time you called the CEO of your very best account?

If you’re like most of the people I work with, you had to think twice about your answer – or, even worse, you don’t even know the CEO’s name! This state of affairs, in my experience, is an excellent way to set up the humbling phenomenon known as “losing your biggest source of revenue the instant your competitor targets it.” Feeling a little sheepish now? Good. That’s a necessary prerequisite. Keep reading.

What CEOs Who Sell Know

At some level, of course, all business leaders must “sell.” But why do so many CEOs, owners, or presidents either remove themselves from the sales process altogether … or limit sales exchanges to “closing” or “top-dog” meetings?

The Three Keys to the CEO Sale

There are three elements necessary for a CEO sale: knowledge, action, and currency.

What You Can Learn from CEOs Who Carry a Quota

Last week in Chicago, I had the good fortune to meet for the first time with the senior vice president of sales for a major manufacturing concern. When I asked whether the CEO of his company made a habit of making sales calls, my new acquaintance’s response surprised me.