About Annra O'Toole

Annra O'Toole, CEO, Cape Clear Software OToole drives the overall vision and corporate strategy for Cape Clear Software http://www.capeclear.com/. He joined Cape Clear in November 2000 to participate in the major opportunity being created by the emergence of the Web Services technologies and the massive benefits they could bring to the challenges of creating and integration applications. O'Toole co-founded and served as Chief Technical Officer of Iona Technologies, prior to joining Cape Clear. He holds an MSc in Computer Science and an Electronic Engineering degree from Trinity College, Dublin.
Service Oriented Architecture: The Right Side Up

When technologies begin their ascent up the hype curve, typically there’s a lot of opinions, confusion and nonsense. Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) is no different in this regard. I’d like to try and demystify the whole SOA world and debunk some of the myths that are being propagated about how SOA can and cannot help in solving real computing challenges.

Web Service-Oriented Architecture – The Best Solution to Business Integration

How do you unlock the value of the information your organization manages? Business integration is the key technique in unlocking this information. Business integration is the single biggest issue for end-users, and therefore, for the IT industry. Recent Gartner research in this area has highlighted the importance of “service-oriented architectures” in solving the business integration issue. There is a growing realization that integration is best solved using a service-oriented architecture.

The Problem with J2EE

J2EE is a great thing. As a rich collection of technologies to support the development and deployment of server-side business logic written in Java, it is a total marvel. Here at Cape Clear, we believe that while J2EE is great, it isn’t the answer to every problem, specifically it is overkill as an infrastructure to deploy Web Services. This article explains why.