About Ann Baehr

Ann Baehr is a CPRW and President of Best Resumes of New York. Notable credentials include her former role as Second Vice President of NRWA and contribution to 25+ resume and cover letter sample books. To learn more visit http://www.e-bestresumes.com
How HR Works To Get The Job Done

This article provides job seekers with an understanding of how human resources (HR) is the hub of an organization and how it is structured. It will also help you to appreciate the job screening process as well as each area of HR if you are considering human resources as your chosen field of occupation.

Can You Afford To Write Your Own Resume?

Why would someone pay a professional resume writer to write their resume when they have a computer, can use resume templates, and can find resume samples online and in books to get ideas on setting up and composing their own resume?

Resume Falsification: Would You Lie On Your Resume?

How many times have you heard someone say, “Just put it on your resume. There’s no way they’re going to find out”?