About Anita Karlson Henssler

Anita Karlson Henssler is working as a freelance translator. Visit her web page PolarText here http://www.polartext.com/scandinavia.htm?id=arcg for more information about the advantages of preparing your information for the foreign market. Or you can reach her at akarlson@polartext.com
The Freelance Translator and PayPal
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A problem most freelance translators are faces with is how to receive payment. In particular: How to receive payment for small jobs. Many translation agencies are reluctant to pay small fees via wire transfer due to the transaction fees; often they will send you a check instead. And I suppose I don’t have to tell you: The banks charge an enormous commission when you come and want to cash in your check.

How to use the Free Online Translator to your Benefit
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An online translator is an interactive program implemented on a web page offering translations of a text into a different language. The translation is generated by a computer and instantly displayed. And best of all – using it doesn’t cost you anything!

Why communication is so important when selling to a global market

Today it is easier than ever to start and run a global business. Our advances technology has made the world shrink into one manageable market.