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Creating an Effective Pay-Per-Click Campaign

Optimizing your website for the ‘traditional’ search engines can be a daunting task, and one that many people are either unable or unwilling to attempt. Fortunately, pay-per-click search engines (PPC SEs) allow us to specify exactly what key phrases we want to be listed under — for a price.

Work-At-Home Schemes: How to Identify the Warning Signs

Home based work scams prey on people’s willingness to believe, a desperate hope that an opportunity will help them to achieve their goal of working from home. When the scammer runs off with their money, that’s not all they steal — they also steal their dreams.

Family Matters: Easing the Transition to a Home Business

Ask any would-be entrepeneur why he or she wants to start a home based business and you’ll get a wide variety of replies. Regardless of the reason, there’s one thing for certain: starting a home business doesn’t just affect you, the entrepreneur; it also affects your family.

Finding Your Niche on the Internet

Those who are new to the Internet business world — heck, even those who have been successfully operating online businesses for some time — can attest to the difficulty in deciding what to sell.

Your Current Job May Be Your Ticket to Telecommuting

Many people dream of quitting their jobs for a telecommuting position. However, one solution that’s often overlooked is the option to negotiate telecommuting privileges at your current place of employment.

Are Free Content Sites Dead?

Tightly focused “mini-sites” are highly regarded as one of the best way to sell a product online. These small sites typically consist of just a couple of pages, and the home page is a simple but powerful sales letter.

Primer: How to Test Your Ads & Improve Your Profitability

It’s so easy to blow through money when marketing a website. If you’re like many new entrepreneurs, you may have already wasted several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on marketing campaigns that didn’t give you the results you were hoping for.

How to Test Your Ads & Improve Your Profitability

It’s so easy to blow through money when marketing a website. If you’re like many new entrepreneurs, you may have already wasted several hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars on marketing campaigns that didn’t give you the results you were hoping for.

Marketing An Online Business: Your Time or Your Money?

We’ve heard it time and time again: starting a business on the internet can be very affordable when compared to the traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ business.

Debunking the Top Ten Internet Home Business Myths

Spend a few days online and you’d think that the Internet is a community of multi-millionaires.

Web Design Blunders That Can Cost You Lost Profits

It’s hard enough to bring people to your little corner of cyberspace, and once they’re there, you have just a few brief seconds to catch their attention.

How to Make Better Use of Your Website Traffic

Every online business is faced with the challenge of finding some way to get their web pages noticed from among the billions of others online. So it’s understandable that much of our efforts go towards getting ‘traffic’. Without it, a website has no prospects and thus no sales.

7 Success Tips for Would-Be Telecommuters

In our increasingly busy world, it comes as no surprise that so many people seek a way to work from home. Doing so helps to reduce “unproductive” time and stresses such as commuting to the office. However, the ever-growing numbers of people seeking to telecommute means that competition for work-at- home jobs gets tougher each day. Here are a few tips to help you to both evaluate and increase your chances of finding telecommuting work:

The Fallacy of Free Advertising

The temptation to turn towards free marketing resources can be an irresistable call, particularly to beginners on tight budgets. However, ‘free’ isn’t a good bargain if it doesn’t give you *results*! You still ‘pay’ for free advertising in terms of wasted time and effort.

Customers DO Exist Outside of Cyberspace!

This one statement might not mean much — if anything — to you until you actually try promoting your business in the ‘real world’. I know it didn’t mean anything to me; for years I heard ‘experts’ repeatedly say that the one thing online marketers neglected was the offline market.

7 Quick Tips for a More Profitable Internet Business

With billions of web pages and countless email messages — a good percentage of which are spam — building a successful business on the Internet is hard work. Many entrepreneurs seek to create a ‘full-time’ income (whatever that may mean to each individual) yet find that making just a few sales is still a struggle.

Top 10 Tips for a Thriving Online Business

Past history has shown that it’s not necessarily the companies with the snazziest websites that do well, or even the companies with the most money. The ‘small guys’ — that is, Internet home businesses typically run by 1 or 2 people — may not make the news like the big ‘dot-coms’, but there are many who quietly and steadily continue to turn a profit, even while big companies report huge losses or go out of business entirely.

Achieving Success with Affiliate Programs

No product… not even a product idea. What’s a would-be online entrepreneur to do?

For many beginners, affiliate programs seem like a dream come true: earn a commission selling another company’s products or services. No need to create one of your own! What’s even better is that you only have to place a couple of banners or links on your website, and this hot product will sell itself! Right?

The Other Face of Telecommuting

Telecommuting is a big thing these days: no more commuting nightmares, more time with the kids, more time for yourself, flexible hours, and increased productivity are just some of the reasons why more and more people are looking for opportunities to work from home.

But what about the disadvantages? Telecommuting can be a wonderful experience for some people. For others, it just isn’t suitable.

Marketing for Success: 4 Strategies for Online Businesses

The success of any online business depends in large part on where and how it’s marketed. After all, a website sitting all by its lonesome in cyberspace isn’t going to do much good; people have to be able to find it first!

A 20-Point Checklist for New Home Businesses

You’re eager to start your home business and bring in some extra income. Although you’re probably bursting with ideas and enthusiasm and want to jump right in, take some time to plan and prepare for your new venture.

Here’s a simple checklist you can use in the startup phase of your home based business. Feel free to add additional checkpoints of your own!

Your Perfect Home Business May Be Right In Front of You!

Every week I receive email from would-be entrepreneurs, asking, ‘What kind of home business should I start?’

How to Get Testimonials for an Existing Product

If your product or service has been available for some time, then it’s not that hard to find out how your customers feel about their purchase or your service.

How to Get and Use Testimonials

Small businesses don’t have the same luxury of ‘brand-name recognition’ that the big companies have. Thus, we have to work that much harder to earn our visitor’s trust. One way to build this all-important credibility is to get and use testimonials from happy customers.