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Marketing An Online Business with Your Time or Your Money

We’ve heard it time and time again: starting a business on the internet can be very affordable when compared to the traditional ‘brick-and-mortar’ business.

Linking Strategies for Online Businesses

Building the number of relevant, inbound links to your website is an ongoing task — but it can have tremendous payoffs in terms of increased traffic, more credibility, and thus additional profits.

Five Smart, Effective Ways to Boost Website Profits

You’ve probably heard the saying, “work smarter, not harder!” — well, there’s truth in that saying and you can use it to increase the profits from your website:

To Buy or Not to Buy? A Money-Making Tip for Affiliates

A few days ago, a member of one of my affiliate program downlines contacted me with this email:

The Something-For-Nothing Syndrome

You’ve had a long day. You’re tired from working all day long and tired of having to watch every penny you spend. For the millionth time, you wonder what it would be like to work from home and make good money while you’re at it.

Save Time, Make More Money: Automating Your Sales

It’s going to be another long day. Your heart sinks as you stare at the dozens of emails sitting in your mailbox, awaiting your response. Most of them are asking for approximately the same information, yet you have to answer them all manually. You want to provide excellent customer service – which means no bulk email – and so you also need to respond within the same day.

What Are YOU Doing to Keep Your Customers?

Not too long ago I ran a survey on my site asking visitors what their main complaints were about shopping for or finding information online.

Proposed Partnerships: Is the Extra Money Worth It?

Every day, sometimes several times a day, I get an email from someone asking if I would like to partner with them.

Success Comes in All Forms

Money, money, money. It’s THE accepted measure of whether or not you are succeeding with your business.

Strategies to Make the Most of Free Advertising

I gleefully fired up my expensive classified ad submission software and posted hundreds of free ads. What an opportunity! By using this software I was able to post ads automatically – I just started up the software, gave it the ad I wanted to post, and it did all the rest.

What Ever Happened to Personalized Service?

If you’ve ever written to a company that over-uses automation or form letters, you’ll understand the feeling of teeth-gritting *frustration* with canned responses that don’t even begin to answer your question.

What Makes a Top-Earning Affiliate?

“Put up our banners on your website or use our pre-written ads … we’ll do the rest!”

How to Instantly Boost Traffic and Sales for Just Pennies!

Money talks.

Good thing you don’t have to be rich to make it work for you. Pay-per-click search engines are one of the best ways to get targeted traffic to your site – and for just a few pennies, too. I’m usually pretty cheap when it comes to paying for advertising … but this is one place where I’m happy to make the investment.

“But They Said the List was Opt-in!” Don’t Become an Unwitting SPAMMER.

Spam. A dirty word for those on the Internet. Also called UCE, or unsolicited commercial email, spam is when someone sends you their offer without your express consent.

Choosing a Business Opportunity That’s Right for YOU

Ever thought something like, ‘If SHE can make thousands a month with the Super-Duper-Money-Making-Opportunity-of-the- Century, why can’t I?’

Extra Traffic Doesn’t Mean More Sales!

You know those companies that boast that they can increase your hits significantly, and for free?

How to Select the Right Ezine for Your Ad Campaign

I still remember the jittery excitement of placing my first ezine ad. I imagined the riches I’d have if only 1% of the subscribers bought my product … that would be a profit of – gulp – over $1000! A few of these ads and I’d be able to retire in no time at all!

How to Run an Effective Ezine Ad Campaign

You’ve faithfully submitted your free ad to dozens of ezines. You’ve heard that ezines are one of the best ways to get the word out about your business …

Harnessing the Power of Testimonials

Let’s say you want to take your spouse out to a nice restaurant. You read the ‘dining’ column of your local newspaper, and ask family or friends for recommendations.

Forget The Excuses! JUST DO IT.

It’s 6:30am. The shrill scream of the alarm awakens you to yet another work day. You sleepily haul yourself out of bed to face another day at the office.

New Year’s Resolution: “I QUIT”

You indulge in a luxurious stretch as you slowly awaken, refreshed, to a new day.

Can You Really Get Rich With No Experience?

Visions of dollars bills dance in your head as you focus your starry-eyed gaze on the words before you.

Does Hype Really Sell?

It’s just plain insulting.


How to Choose a Web Host

Now that you’ve got your cool new domain name, the next step is to select a web host that will provide you with the service and features you need. An important thing to remember is not to choose your web host based solely on cost alone!