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Training Your Creative Self: Five Tips for Ultra-Creativity

If you knew you could be as creative as you wished, whenever you wished, what could you achieve?

Surprise — you can be as creative as you want to be. Creativity is a state of consciousness. And here’s the best part — you can access this creative state anytime.

Work Your Small Business Dream

Nothing in life happens until you do something. Think, hope, plan, worry and ask as many questions as you like, but to reach your dreams you must take action and keep taking action.

I receive at least four e-mail messages a week with a variation of “I want to write for a living, but….”

Getting ideas that sell

(This article is an extract from my new writing workshop, Writing to Sell in the Internet Age.)

Break The (Idiot) Rules!

(My little diatribe below deals with the Idiot Rules as they apply to writers. If you’re an artist, designer or photographer, your trade has Idiot Rules too. Break them.)

Creativity as a treasure hunt

It’s not enough to be creative, you have to be creative at something.

Writer’s Rip-Offs

People who want to write form a huge market. According to Writer’s Digest magazine, ten per cent of the US population want to be writers, and I assume that the numbers are similar in other countries.

Beating Perfection Syndrome so you can write

It’s Saturday afternoon. Your partner has taken the kids to the park. You have a whole hour to write. Instead of which, you sit, staring out the window like Rodin’s Thinker in jeans and a yellow sweatshirt. Why aren’t you writing? A tiny item called Perfection Syndrome. You want whatever you write in this precious hour to be perfect.

Baby Steps To Writing Success

After a lifetime’s worth of writing, I can file these baby steps under the “wish I’d known when I started” category. They’re vital. If you follow them, not only will you be successful at writing at some time in the future, you’ll be successful right now.

How I learned to make my writing pay, and you can do it too. Copywriting is easy money

How come there’s so much writing in the world, but most writers are poor? It’s because writers are writing the stuff that makes other people rich. If you’re writing novels for major publishers for example, you’re pouring money into the bank accounts of giant corporations, but the stream of money, by the time it reaches you, is a slow drip, not a river.

Structuring Your Ebook

Got a great idea for an ebook but don’t know how to start writing it? Find the book’s structure, and it will (almost) write itself.

Expand Your Creativity: Stop Thinking!

Want a fast way to get creative? Stop thinking! Most of what we call “thinking” is simply labeling. We’re repeating old tapes in our head. This type of thinking is not creative, and there’s no way to access our true creativity from this mindset.

Write an Article a Day

This article is adapted from my new email workshop, Writing To Sell In The Internet Age. If you want to get a taste of the workshop, you can sign up for the free mini-course based on Writing To Sell In The Internet Age, on the Web site — http://www.digital-e.biz/

Be A Prolific Writer And Sell

Whatever writing question or challenge you have, there’s one answer: write more. You need to become prolific. When you become prolific, you’ll sell.

Here’s a response I wrote to a scriptwriter this week who’s spent a year trying to sell her script:

Start To Make Your Creativity Pay

Can you make a living as a writer, artist, designer or other creative soul? Yes, you can, if you learn a few tricks.

Five Ways To Boost Your Initiative FAST!

The educational system in the western world has a lot to answer for. It crushes the initiative right out of people.

Five Easy, Pain-free Ways To Boost Your Productivity FAST

Commit to following these five strategies for a month, and you’ll
be more productive — that’s a promise.

Five Easy, Pain-free Ways To Boost Your Productivity

Commit to following these five strategies for a month, and you’ll be more productive — that’s a promise.

Beat Procrastination With Your GPS

Researchers estimate we only use around two to ten per cent of our brainpower each day.

Use Your GPS (Goal Positioning System) To Achieve

How’s your motor running? Are you powering through your daily tasks and accomplishing all the goals you set for yourself, or are you stuck in life’s slow lane?

Your Super-fast, Super-easy, No-cost Web Site

Got a Web site? Come on, ‘fess up. No? OK, assuming you’ve got a spare five minutes, we’re going to build your first super-easy, super-fast Web page. Look on this page as a combination calling card and portfolio. It’s not going to make you rich. However, it will make communication with prospective clients and current clients super-quick, and get you listed on Google.com so that you gain credibility.

Blog Your Business

Does your business need a blog? A blog is a Web log, an online journal. Blogs started out as online diaries, in which diarists shared their everyday lives with the world. From their beginnings as a weird Web fad in 1998, blogs have moved on, and are well on the way to becoming a standard business tool.

How To Get Your Email Messages Read

Who’s reading the email messages you send out? Not as many people as you think. For example, research by Internet marketing firms suggests that only ten per cent of email ezines are opened and read.

Get Viral For Painless Marketing

When you run your own small business, you’re often just too busy to market your business effectively. You may put off marketing altogether until your order book is almost empty.

Making Valuable Contacts Online

Remember the old saying: “it’s not what you know, it’s who you know”? It’s true. Your contacts determine whether your business succeeds or fails, and for reasons of credibility, that’s doubly true online.