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You CAN Create Your Own Job If —

Sick of working for someone else and believe you’ve got what it takes to create your own job? You can create your own job if:

DDT: Do, Don’t Think. Just market

You see funny things when you’re walking your dog. A couple of summers ago, late every Sunday afternoon, I’d be out walking my dog and I’d look up to see a sky-writer.

Learn To Negotiate And Get Paid More

Like to double your earnings without working harder? Learn to negotiate.

Everything is negotiable, and you should make it a rule to negotiate on every job. Often all you need to do to get a better deal is to ask. Unfortunately, few freelancers ask. In fact, many of them don’t even realize that asking for more pay is possible.

Powerful Presentations Build Your Business

You’ve set up a meeting with a potential client. You’ve dressed appropriately, your shoes are shined. You’ve got your portfolio and your business cards, and you have an idea of what you want out of the meeting. In a word: you want business.

Shaking The Money Tree: Managing Slow Payers

When you’re running your own small business, especially if you’re a solo operator, you need four pairs of hands, eyes in the back of your head, and psychic abilities don’t hurt either.

Your Online Brand Is YOU

You’ve decided to make the leap. You’re going to start selling your products and services online. You’re excited. Wow! Millions of people will be able to buy from you.

Help — My Writing’s Not Selling!

If the definition of insanity is to keep doing what’s not working in the confident expectation that it WILL work, then writers and other creatives are nuts.

Ten ways to take control of your time

Taking charge of your time is easier than you think. If you put any of these ten easy but powerful time management tips into action, you’ll see an improvement in your productivity. And in your peace of mind.

Follow Up And Turn Prospects Into Clients

How long does it take to get a client? First, the client has to become aware that we exist, and then that we can solve his problems with our products or services. That growth of awareness is a slow process. It takes time.

Your article idea must be new — but not too original

Editors lie. They tell writers they want to fascinate their readers with what’s new and exciting. But if you read their magazines you see that they constantly recycle old topics, and if your article proposals are too edgy, editors won’t buy. For example, in 1995 I was trying to sell articles about the Internet to general-interest and women’s magazines. No sale. At that stage, the Internet hadn’t erupted into mass consciousness. That taught me that topics must be familiar to a magazine’s readers, but with a new slant.

Five Easy, Pain-free Ways To Boost Your Productivity FAST (and make more money)

Commit to following these five strategies for a month, and you’ll be more productive — that’s a promise.

Note: although my strategies are geared to writers, they will work for you no matter what your work happens to be.

Five easy ways to add punch to your words

Writing is hard, even for writers. These five techniques will make your writing chores easier, and your writing livelier.

Five Lazy Ways To Market Your Business

There’s a store in the middle of our town that’s been, in quick succession: a soft furnishings retailer, a record and CD store, a lighting shop, a pet store, and yet another soft furnishings store. It’s currently a coffee shop.

Use Your GPS (Goal Positioning System) To Achieve Your Goals

How’s your motor running? Are you powering through your daily tasks and accomplishing all the goals you set for yourself, or are you stuck in life’s slow lane?

Here’s how to boost your performance, using your GPS (Goal Positioning System).

Baby Steps To Business Success

You can do, be and have, anything you want. As long as you get started. Take baby steps: one tiny step after another, even when you have no real idea of how you’re going to get to your destination, beyond the next step.

It’s About More Than Money: are you charging what you’re worth?

Last April I had a surreal experience with a popular women’s magazine I used to write for.

An editorial assistant emailed me: “Sorry about not getting back to you sooner about article X. We’d like to publish it. What are your rates?”

Get Googled And Build Credibility

Value your privacy? Get over it. The bad news is that thanks to the Web, privacy no longer exists. Get Googled, and within a few short seconds anyone who knows your name will be able to learn quite a bit about you.

Blast Your Writing Blocks

How many words do you write a day? Some novelists manage 2,000 words a day or even more, but most writers feel they’ve done a good job if they can turn out 500 to 1,000 words.

Maximizing The Effect Of Your Freelancer’s Bio

Your freelancer’s bio is a vital job-hunting tool. While traditional job hunters have CVs and resumes, independent writers and other independent professionals have biographies, because as an independent, you’re working *with* your clients as a consultant, rather than working *for* them as an employee.

Beat Procrastination With Your GPS (Goal Positioning System)

Researchers estimate we only use around two to ten per cent of our brainpower each day.

Get Your First Sale!

Nothing beats the joy of your first sale. You can plot, plan, market and dream all you want, but until you get that first sale, you’re not sure that you have a real business. It’s 25 years since I sold my first book to an international publisher. I walked on air for days. To my mind, because real writers wrote books, I was real writer at last.

Start Your New Business TODAY

The right time to start your new business is right now. Today.

Whenever I suggest that to someone who’s going to start their new business “soon”, I get a variety of replies, mostly prefaced by “yes, but”.

How To Write A Proposal To Get Freelance Work

This article is adapted from my new email workshop, Writing To Sell In The Internet Age. If you want to get a taste of the workshop, you can sign up for the free mini-course based on Writing To Sell In The Internet Age, on the Web site — http://www.digital-e.biz/

Start Here To Write An Ebook

Want to write an ebook? You can. Start with an idea, build on it, and before you know it, you’ve got a book. (I’ll be using ‘book’ and ‘ebook’ interchangeably in this article, because any idea you find for an electronic book will certainly work as a print book as well.)