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Freelancing: Setting Your Rates and Raising Your Rates

“How much do you charge?”

If ever a question was designed to bring up all your issues around confidence and self-esteem, “How much do you charge?” is the one.

Stepping To Success

This article was originally written for freelance copywriters, but the steps apply to anyone who runs their own business.

Five Ways Professional Writers Eliminate Rejection

If you’re writing for publication, you’re offering something for sale. Not everyone will want to buy it. This is only common sense. There’s no such thing as rejection, there’s only writing which has yet to find a home. If you submit a piece of writing enough times, it will sell. Professional writers understand this.

My Ten Best Writing Tips EVER

Here in no particular order, are the ten best writing tips I’ve discovered in 25 years of writing. They may work for you, too. Try them.

How To Price Your Creative Work

How do you put a dollar value on your creative work? Are you charging too much? Too little? In your creative small business, pricing issues will come up again and again. I struggled with them for years, until I managed to get them straight in my own mind.

7 Important Tips on Investigating a Business Opportunity

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Expect A New Boom In Writing for the Web

If you’ve been keeping your fingers on the economic pulse, you’ll have noticed that the worldwide economy is picking up. All indications point to a new Web boom. This means that writers should gear up and get ready for all the work they can handle.

Manage Your Self-Esteem

To make a HUGE success of your creative small business, you need to get good at marketing. And to get good at marketing, you must develop HIGH self-esteem. When you find yourself engaging in negative self-talk, or giving less than 100 per cent to marketing, it means you have self-esteem issues.

Your Creative Web Site

During 2003, a Web site stopped being an optional extra for all creatives, including writers. It’s now the expected thing. If I read a book by a writer I’ve never heard of, I’m not only disappointed if I find that she doesn’t have a Web site, I feel it also puts her credibility in question. Publishers are well aware of this expectation. Although publishing houses haven’t been on the cutting edge of technology, they now all provide Web space for their authors. They know that readers expect and want to get in touch.

Get Creative With Your Writing Career

How brave are you?

You need courage to submit your work to potential buyers, but you also need courage to get creative with your career. To get creative, you may need to break a few rules.

How To Get New Clients In Tough Times

You’ve heard it before: “Times are tough. No one’s hiring copywriters (or teachers, or plumbers, or builders)”.

Set Marketing Goals To Build Your Confidence

This article was featured in the Marketing Clinic of our paid-subscription ezine for copywriters: Freelance Copy Write. The information isn’t just for copywriters. It’s useful info for all writers. For anyone who wants to market anything, in fact. :- ).

Build Your Writing Inventory

Want a professional writing secret? Build your writing inventory. Unless you have an inventory, you have nothing to sell.

Artists and photographers happily build up their inventory of works. Artists paint and draw, creating works which may sell next month, next year, or in 20 years. Photographers, even when they’re working on commission, shoot images for stock.

The Art Of Easy Self-Promotion (Part One)

All selling starts with self-promotion. Before anyone will give you money, they have to know something about you. They need to feel comfortable with you and to trust you. This means that they have to get used to seeing your name and your story.

Five Easy Ways To Write And Sell More

Globalization affects writers too. In 2003, you’ll find yourself competing with writers from all over the world for space in newspapers, magazines, and on the bookshelves. You can, and must, fight back.

You need to get creative. You need to write more, and sell more.

Writing Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Are you willing to write outside your comfort zone, or do you refuse to consider working with companies outside your sphere of experience? Many copywriters needlessly restrict their income when they don’t consider that *every* business is a potential market.

Stop Thinking

Want a fast way to get creative? Stop thinking! Most of what we call “thinking” is simply labeling. We’re repeating old tapes in our head. This type of thinking is not creative, and there’s no way to access our true creativity from this mindset.

Through The Swamp And Around The Forests: Keep Going

Last Sunday night I had a moment of queasy disdain, and almost sent all three chapters of my current novel into oblivion. In my black mood, I hated the book’s central idea, hated the characters, hated the setting, and thought that euthanasing the project would be a kindness.

Write Before You Look

Are you stuck on a writing project? Or is there something you’d love to write, but you can’t get up the nerve to start? In over 25 years of writing, I’ve found that writing happens on the page. Just start writing. You can’t do anything until you begin.

Market Your Writing The EEASY Way

Marketing your writing is a skill. The great news is that anyone can learn how to do it. I don’t care how shy, nervous or introverted you are, you can learn how to market your work and have great fun doing it.

Five EASY Ways To Become A Confident Writer

A healthy measure of confidence is vital to your growth and success as a writer. If you feel that you need more confidence, start working on developing your confidence NOW. Without a reasonable measure of confidence, you won’t even attempt writing assignments which are well within your capabilities.

Keep The Cash Flowing

Without a steady cash flow, your business dies. This means that you need to be focused on your cash flow situation at all times: you need to know how much cash you have and how much is coming in. If you can see that you’re likely to have problems, the time to take action is — NOW.

Five Ways To Write When You’ve Got No Time To Write

Here’s a horrible truth: no one has time to write. This includes fulltime writers. Ask any fulltime writer, and he’ll moan that he’d love to write a novel, or a screenplay, or a book of essays, but he doesn’t have the time, he’s too busy with his bread and butter writing.

How To Work Out Whether A Business Can Afford To Hire You

Can a business afford to hire you? This is a big question for beginning copywriters. It’s vital that you get an answer to this question. If you don’t, you can spend money and time working with someone who’s not in a position to be able to afford your rates.