About Angel Hall

Angel Hall is a regular WebProNews reader who also has a flair for online marketing. She calls it "marketing on a dental-floss budget." Visit her site: http://www.stainedglasshall.com. Here's her creative mission: "Our mission in glass is to exchange ideas for a greater creative environment - for all skill levels and interests."
WebSite Marketing for Artists

I do have a “dental-floss” budget idea or two, but they might be geared more towards artist types than tech types. :)

1- Hobby Lobby stores often have classroom space for little to no cost. Take one night a week to teach a creative class of some kind there. Incorporate some of the classwork into special pages of the website for students to do during the week, which will not only increase your traffic, but it can also give your site a more “legitimate/professional” edge. This costs you little to nothing, and in some cases, you can charge for the classes you teach. (Wow! getting paid to advertise your site! :) )