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Akismet – The Danger of Collective Intelligence

Akismet is a very smart and effective system for controlling comment spam on blogs, and I know thousands of bloggers swear by it, listing it as their number one plugin for their blogging platform.

Who Reads Your Terms of Service?

Unless you stick terms of service directly in front of people, and make important points extremely bold, people are not going to read them.

This was the whole point of a little experiment I helped Paul with over the last week, and the results are extremely conclusive. It is partially to do with the Krak.dk story I have written about in the past, but I think the results also paint a much broader picture.

Here is what I wrote before:-

Optimizing Your Blog for Syndication, Meme Trackers

With the growing adoption of RSS readers, Meme Trackers and content being syndicated on 3rd party sites, how your content is ultimately presented becomes increasingly important.