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Google & Feedburner – The Good & Bad

Rumours have been surfacing for the last few days that Google might be buying FeedBurner for around $100M.

The Digg Friends You Never Knew You Had

You can easily discover 10s, maybe even 100s of existing friends on Digg, if you only knew how and where to look.

Get the Most Out of DoFollow | No Nofollow

So now people have calmed down a little from their running around like headless chickens leaving comments on every blog they could find that used Dofollow, and then linking through to unrelated content, lets start looking at how to link a little more strategically.

Armen has One Stupidly Simple SEO Tip to give you.

Benefits of Reciprocal Favoriting

Blogging experts and social media marketing experts frequently write about how important it is to build up a network of friends on social bookmarking sites, and even encourage careful gaming of the system by email and instant messenger.

That is gaming the system purely for their own benefit.

They might also frequently suggest you Digg their content, or add them to your bookmarks, or we could also add to that list "Add Me To Your Technorati Favorites", or "Subscribe to my feed".

Blogcatalog vs Technorati?

As most of my readers are no doubt aware, I am a strong supporter of sharing the link love, but I always advocate sharing it in a focused manner, preferably from relevant content or from comments and trackbacks. If you trackback/pingback this blog you receive a reciprocal link between highly relevant content automatically, and not only Google and other major search engines count the links as relevant, but also blogging search engines such as Technorati, though with Technorati it is best to do it on a more recent post.

If you want to share the love from your blog, I compiled an extensive list of "dofollow" and "nofollow" resources covering major platforms such as Wordpress (on your own domain), blogger and Drupal. It is also possible on Typepad, and Dawud Miracle and Karen have been discussing ways to present the complicated procedure to remove nofollow on Typepad. Hopefully I will be able to link to a solution soon.

Goal Setting and Technorati 100

Do you set achievable goals both on your on-line activities and in your off-line personal life? I certainly do, though some of them I keep private, and a few I leave hints about.

A few days ago Dawud tagged me in the "Gotta get goals" meme.

Here is a quick answer that fits the meme

Iconize Your Clickthrough Rate

Icons Increase Clickthrough Rate

I use quite a lot of screenshots when blogging as I find the old saying "A picture is worth a thousand words" very appropriate.
Michel Fortin also pointed out in his top plugins and blogging tips article today how graphic icons with each post help with clickthrough. He has been using eye tracking software to prove it, and is a fanatical tester.

Amazon Contextual Links Warning

Amazon Contextual Links has launched in beta – actually a good job it is beta because I have already noticed a few bugs just by visiting one blog that was discussing the news.

Clicky vs Performancing Metrics vs MyBlogLog

Having previously discussed Performancing Metrics as being a little bit of a "Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing", I decided to sign up directly with Clicky. I also removed any Performancing affiliate links from the article.

Citations and Links from the Press

The press are an evil bunch:- they phone you when you are busy, ask you lots of difficult questions, try to trip you up or squeeze something juicy out of you, wasting lots of your time, and the buggers rarely give you a citation or a link for your efforts.

Google BlogSearch, Ranking Blog Documents Patent
· 2

For a long time my blogs have performed amazingly well with Google Blog Search. I always appear in the relevant results quickly, and the results I obtain have some reasonable longevity, even when I am not the original source of a story.

Considering how much competition I often have for certain search terms which everyone seems to be writing about because of common interest, I must have been doing a number of things right.

Duplicate Content of Biblical Proportions

It is Sunday although I am not a very religious person, thus I was, horror of horrors, outside shovelling snow around. It was drifting, and if I hadn’t done anything with it, it might have blocked the driveway for my wife Monday morning.

Does your mind wander when you are doing a physical job that doesn’t require much other thought? Mine certainly does.

Duplicate Content of Biblical Proportions

A List Bloggers Shouldn’t Throw Stones

There are a number of fatal, hypocritical or naive flaws in almost every attack on paid posts by A list bloggers and it is time to show them their Achilles heel(s).

Why I Loathe Top Commenters Plugins
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I benefit from being a top commenter on a number of blogs simply because I am consistently active on those sites, and I have gained the benefit without changing my commenting habits.

Some of my blogging friends are aware of the problems, but have opted to use such a plugin anyway – I fully respect that decision, but many make that decision "blindly" without being aware of the possible consequences.

Technorati Can’t Cope

Technorati Logo

Technorati simply can’t cope with new forms of blogging and RSS feed generation. I am not talking about splogs, which seem to still be rampant, and reblogs, likewise, but totally legitimate alternative unique content sources that are effectively blogs.

1 Character Gets Old News to Digg Front Page

You would think it is impossible for one small detail to have a dramatic effect on whether a story is promoted on Digg. Here is how it happened, decide for yourself…

I hadn’t been following the news for a couple of days, so I popped over to one of my old haunts, The Register to see if there was anything I should know about. Occasionally, especially if I visit The Register early morning in Europe, I can pick up some interesting fresh stories that are fairly exclusive, or have some different angles.

Guide to Creating A Niche Website

Have You Heard of Duncan Carver?

Duncan Carver is one of those niche marketers who just disappears off on holiday for almost a year… because he can!

He is also famous for having created probably the best free link manager script

So Duncan is now back and proving that once you understand how to research a niche, and create a product to sell to that niche, the world really is your oyster.

Use Feedburner Without Giving Them Your Subscribers

Do you worry about the danger of giving a 3rd party service control over the most important part of your blogging business – your subscribers?

Legitimate Way To Pick and Choose Backlinks

I am actually not going to tell you much about this, other than it is totally legitimate and could act as a source of high quality links and trafffic… the type who not only might click through to read what you say, but also write about it.

WordPress VS Moveable Type

I have never used Moveable Type as a blogging platform. I found Wordpress to be better than Blogger in many ways, and moved a large number of my sites over to Wordpress (but only on my own domains). That being said, I am frequently asked what are the differences between Wordpress and Moveable Type, especially for a business blogger who might experience high traffic load.

I couldn’t honestly answer that question, because I haven’t experienced the problems first hand.

Should MyFeedz Really Be Called a Feed Reader?

I saw a few posts about MyFeedz yesterday and checked it out, and I noticed Robert just gave Myfeedz a test. He is a hardcore feed reader, so I value his opinion (even though we don’t always agree on everything).

I think Robert is being extremely polite about MyFeedz

MyFeedz Sucks as a Feed Reader

To qualify that, let me show you the "user experience" I went though, and how amazingly let down I felt having given it some of my time.

Affiliate Marketers Can Recommend a Site Without a Link

I just read over on Sam Harrelson’s CostPerNews that Jim Kukral will be taking a little bit of a breather on Blogkits.

He will still be running it, but no longer on the payroll of Forge Corporation.

Ultimate List of DoFollow Plugins

Wordpress by default, just like other blogging platforms, has automatically been adding the "nofollow" microformat extension to all links from user generated content such as comments and trackbacks. To support the growing rejection of NoFollow for blog comments, I have compiled this list of plugins that help you remove nofollow from your blog forever.

Force People to Read Your Comments Policy

As recently shown, people don’t read your terms of service. My stats also show that people don’t read my comments policy before posting a comment. Sometimes I am forced to delete comments from possibly well meaning people who don’t realise that their comment might be looked on as spam .