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Gmail Interface Getting an Upgrade

Hot on the heels of Gmail’s introduction of IMAP support comes upgrades to its interface. Google Operating System has details of what’s being rolled out and Sam Harrelson is one of the first to see the new features.

Why MSFT Needed Facebook & GOOG Didn’t

So, after weeks of speculation, Microsoft won the battle over Facebook, with Google second, and Yahoo embarrassingly nowhere to be seen.

Rumor: Facebook to Choose Google or Microsoft

The New York Post is bold in its prediction that Facebook will announce which suitor will win its hand in marriage, in the next 48 hours.

Nielsen to Provide Google TV Ad Demographics

Google has partnered with the Nielsen Company to help the search engine better understand the demographics of those who view its Google TV Ads, reports the NYT.

The multi-year deal will start of small, but will likely grow as Google expands beyond the rather limited network of just 13 million viewers provided by its partner DISH Network.

AOL Releases MyAOL for Cell Phones

It seems AOL wasn’t too serious about dropping the “AOL” part from their future products. After some beta testing, AOL is today launching MyAOL (a customizable mobile desktop) and a regular mobile portal for those not into the whole tweaking thing.

Is Microsoft Betting on the Wrong Shoes?

When I was in school, all the cool kids wore Nike tennis shoes. Brilliant white leather with just a green or blue Nike swoosh-thingy.

Mastering Panama / Yahoo! Search Marketing

What with running Marketing Pilgrim, consulting, speaking, and writing my own book, you’d probably expect me to have no time to read.

Is Google’s YouTube Antipiracy Tool Enough?

Google has finally unveiled their copyright protection system for YouTube. The reactions have been mixed.

A Lesson in Social Community Marketing

In my forthcoming book, I take a look at how Nike has increased sales by tapping into social community marketing initiatives. Instead of simply shoveling more TV and print ads down our throat, Nike is instead shifting its marketing budget to non-traditional channels.

Expect Windows Mobile Alternative Instead of Gphone

The IHT is pretty convinced we won’t see mobile phone from Google–yeah, we know that already. However, they’ve shed some light on what exactly Google is working on.

Microsoft CEO Says Google Reads Your Email

The last thing search giant Google needs right now is any suggestion that it has become all knowing, all seeing. The company is trying to get its DoubleClick deal approved, so comments from Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer won’t help.

Google Reaches $2000 or TechCrunch Sells for $100M?

While you were working, an interesting exchange happened over the blogosphere. It seems TechCrunch’s Michael Arrington and Silicon Alley Insider’s Henry Blodget are having a war of words.

You might ask what this has to do with internet marketing, but I think you’ll find the exchange of interest.

First up, Blodget put up his thoughts on Google’s share price hitting $2000, giving it a market cap of $750+ billion.

Microsoft Acquires Jellyfish

Microsoft has acquired comparison shopping engine Jellyfish, and it actually looks like a cool company!

What’s Missing from the New Microsoft Live Search?

Marketing Pilgrim readers had a heads-up yesterday to expect a new interface and index from Microsoft’s Live Search.

Other Gmail Security Flaws?

Whenever you hand over your sensitive daily tasks–such as email, word, spreadsheets–to an online provider, you’ll always have that nagging doubt about security.

Microsoft Rolling Out New Live Search

There are a mass of search folks gathering at Microsoft’s Mountain View campus today to learn about the roll out of the new Live Search.

Google & Click Forensics Face-off

A couple of weeks ago we reported Google’s Shuman Ghosemajumder had attacked Click Forensics latest click fraud report.

Rumor: Google’s Gmail Getting New Features?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend. The other one is here.

Rumor: Google Planning Second Life Rival?

This is one of two Google rumors that surfaced over the weekend–the other one is here.

Apparently Arizona State University sent out invitations to students that mention a super-secret, sign-an-NDA-or-else, social networking project.

The BlogRush Battle

I’m still not seeing anything more than a handful of clicks from the BlogRush network and the service is still struggling to deliver the syndication credits it owes us. At least BlogRush has emailed its users acknowledging their concerns and also admitting that ”bozos have come out of the woodwork and are trying to cheat the BlogRush system.” No, really?

BWM Offers In-Car Google Local Search

Google-fans rejoice, you now have a Google-approved car to consider for your next purchase.

Turkey Blocks YouTube

A court in the eastern city of Sivas, Turkey, ordered the country’s telecom company to block YouTube access from the country, according to AP.

The ban comes after the video site hosted a video insulting Turkey’s founder, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk, as well as President Abdullah Gul, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the army.

Google Shared Stuff

It seems Google’s decided to dive into the arena of social bookmarking with their soft launch of Shared Stuff.

InfoSpace Sells Switchboard.com; Mobile Business Next?

Today we learn that Superpages.com parent, Idearc Inc., has acquired Switchboard.com from InfoSpace Inc.