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Google Expands Testing on AdWords User Behavior Filter

It looks like Google is expanding it’s testing of an algorithm that filters out AdWords results based upon user interaction.

The World Thinks Google’s Big Brother

There’s a lot of buzzing in the blogosphere right now (you can read Jordan’s coverage here), as it appears Google is under fire again for its privacy policies. AP reports that London-based Privacy International has issued a study of 23 internet companies, with Google coming out dead-last. In fact no other company studied, received the same low rating.

SMX: Fishkin’s Favorite Social Networks

We’ve already provided an in-depth overview of the SEO meet SMM session, but we’ve still got lots of great video to share with you. In this clip, SEOmoz’s Rand Fishkin reveals his top 3 social networking sites for traffic and link generation.

Plaintiffs Added to YouTube Suit

It looks like England’s Football Association Premier League, has found some support in its class action lawsuit against YouTube.

AOL’s New Feed Reader

TechCrunch is reporting on a new version of AOL’s feed reader that is in the works. I know what you’re thinking. AOL has a feed reader!?!

Apparently you and I are not the only ones to have glossed over the fact that AOL launched a feed reader back in 2005, so that’s why the company is giving it a revamp in the hopes that it will do as well as Google Reader in gaining market share.

The new AOL reader is not out yet, but Michael Arrington’s seen a demo and reports…

SMX Video – Can you Spot Tamar Weinberg?

SERoundtable’s Tamar Weinberg didn’t want to be on camera. Not sure why, but despite begging, she just didn’t want to be on video. Anyway, while filming the SMX Expo hall, we think we caught her on film. Take a close look and see if you can spot her…

A Few Photos From SMX

We took lots of photos at SMX Advanced. Here’s a selection:

SMX Video – Sullivan Strips at Cutts’ Request

Before Danny Sullivan sat down for the “You & A” with Google’s Matt Cutts, Matt asked Danny to strip off his business suit. Danny removes his entire suit!

SMX Video – Scott Hendison

Scott Hendison asked Matt Cutts why he had pulled up a webmaster’s list of owned domain names, when conducting a site review at a previous conference. Does Google’s algorithm consider your other domain activities?

SMX Video – Cutts on Supplemental Index

Google’s Matt Cutts was asked to explain how a site could get out of the supplemental index. SMX only allows me to share one minute of footage, so here’s the key point from Matt.

Ask.com UI Video Demo from SMX

By now, you should have heard that Ask.com has radically changed their user interface. They’re taking a bold step in overhauling the way people interact with a search engine, creating a 3 panel view of your search query.

YSM Applying Discounts to Publisher Clicks

Yahoo has just rolled out quality-based pricing for Yahoo Search Marketing, effectively discounting certain CPCs on the Yahoo Publisher Network (similar to Google’s smart pricing).

Google’s Search Gurus Spill Algorithm Beans

Ok, so the New York Times doesn’t exactly get Google’s top algorithm execs to tell us how the search engine calculates search results, but they do get fresh insight as to how Google decides to update it’s technology.

The article includes interviews with Amit Singhal, Matt Cutts and Udi Manber.

Insights include details of Google’s internal system for evaluating search queries, called Debug.

Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program

Yahoo has announced the launch of its new Yahoo Search Marketing Commercial API Program, giving both individuals and agencies access to their APIs for the new Panama platform.

Try Finding a Googlenope

It appears Gene Weingarten at the Washington Post has a little time on his hands. Perhaps a whole lot of time on his hands, as he has penned an article about his quest to enter search queries into Google and find no results whatsoever.

LiveJournal Faces Backlash for Account Deletion

LiveJournal faced a user backlash, when it deleted hundreds of communities, as part of its efforts to clean up pedophilia-related discussions.

Apparently, the company’s noble efforts included the removal of many fantasy communities where users share sexually-explicit fictional stories.

Google Peeping?

Yesterday’s post asking if Google’s new street views for Google Maps was an invasion of privacy, turns out to be just one of many around the web. In fact, The New York Times jumps on the story and looks at whether Google is indeed invading our privacy.

Twitter – Good or Bad?

CNET is running opposite perspectives on social messaging service Twitter.

Bloggers Publishing Sensitive Company Info

E-consultancy has details of a new study by human resources firm Croner, suggesting that up to a third of bloggers risk getting fired due to posting damaging material about their employer.

EU Investigates Google’s Privacy Rules

Google’s policy of retaining user information for up to two years, has become the center of an investigation by an EU panel, according to the AP.

How Badly Do You Want to Work at Google?

Jeff Barr recalls the interview process he went through with Google – he didn’t join – and shares an email from a Google recruiter, outlining the laundry list of steps you need to do, just for the phone interview!

Hawaii to Decide if a Blogger is a Journalist

There’s an interesting case, going on in Hawaii, that could have far reaching ramifications for bloggers.

ValueClick Announces CAN-SPAM Investigation

It doesn’t look like lead-generation company ValueClick is going to the acquisition-ball anytime soon.

Yahoo in $1b Talks with Bebo?

Yahoo has a billion dollars and its burning a hole in the corporate pocket. After failing to convince Facebook to sell for a $1 billion, Yahoo has turned its affections to another popular social network, Bebo.