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Is Facebook Considering Offline Version?

Facebook has acquired Sequoia Capital-back Parakey and everyone’s speculating what they plan to do with the new company. Om Malik suspects Facebook might be interested in providing an offline version of the social networking site.

Local Businesses Need Reputation Management Too

If you think it’s only large businesses that need to worry about their online reputation, the Wall Street Journal wants to remind you otherwise.

They take a look at the effects of negative reviews on small businesses and give an example of a spa owner who discovered she had a 2 1/2 star rating on Yelp.com.

AdSense for Games Coming “Soon”

Google’s Bernie Stolar and Greg Schaffer spoke at the Casual Connect game convention this week and shared details of Google’s plans to bring AdWords to video games via “AdSense for Games.”

Click Fraud – A Tired Topic?

Click Forensics has issued a new click fraud report, claiming the rate has increased to 15.8% compared from 14.1% last year.

Until this announcement, it appeared the debate had died, mostly due to greater transparency from Google and Yahoo about click fraud. Still, Click Forensics has a living to make, hence the need for more reports – this time claiming the increase is due to increased botnet activity.

Google Displacing Microsoft As Lead Focus for Antitrust?

Technology analyst Scott Cleland is so convinced that the Google/DoubleClick deal should be blocked by the FTC, he’s written a 35-page white paper to support his stance.

Chinese Company Wants Google to Change Name

It’s not too much to ask, is it? If Google would just change the name of their company, a small Chinese business will drop their law suit. Seems fair, don’t you think? ;-)

Google Cracking Under Pressure from Viacom?

It’s interesting to follow the Viacom lawsuit against Google. While Google’s faced many legal challenges before, it appears Viacom’s is the one that is troubling the search engine. It’s somewhat out of character to see Google CEO Eric Schmidt talk ugly about a company that is suing them – Google tends to comment via legal counsel – and it suggests the suit is a worry to him.

Armstrong In Associated Content Conflict of Interest?

Elinor Mills is asking whether Google’s Tim Armstrong involvement with Associated Content is a conflict of interest. Associated Content creates content optimized for Google – so it can earn revenue from AdSense ads – and that raises questions about Armstrong sitting on the company’s board of directors.

I Want to Be Like Mike

There are many successful bloggers that I look up to and constantly track their every move – although I’m not quite stalking them yet.

User Generated Video Contests Can Backfire

One of the hottest marketing trends of late is to get your customers to create your next ad campaign for you. It worked for Doritos and their Super Bowl ad contest, but sometimes it can backfire, as Chevy can attest to.

eBay’s “Experiment” with Google AdWords

eBay is back advertising on Google’s AdWords network, after completing what it called a planned “experiment” to go one week without relying on Google. (In case you need a refresher,

Bloggers Criticized for Microsoft “Spokesblogging” Ads

If you’re reading this post on Monday morning, boy did you miss a flare-up over the weekend. I don’t even know where to begin!

Google’s Search Developments Explained

Sean Ammirati has a good summary of Google VP Udi Manber’s presentation at Supernova. Here’s what caught my attention…

Get Hot & Fresh Google Results

How would you like to search Google only for pages that were updated in the last 3 months? Well, thanks to Matt Cutts – ok, so maybe he’s just the messenger – you can use Google’s advanced search options to restrict your search to the newest results.

FTC to Review Yahoo & Microsoft Acquisitions

 Remember that can of worms we told you about? It looks like the lid’s come off, and the slippery invertebrates are everywhere! AdAge.com has reported the FTC will review Microsoft’s acquisition of aQuantive and Yahoo’s buyout of Right Media.

Google Engineers Join VC Firm

How would you like to get paid to just sit around and give some thought to what start-up you’d like to do next? Sounds good to me, and it must have sounded pretty enticing to Bret Taylor and Jim Norris, two of the engineers behind Google Maps, as they’ve left Google to join venture capital firm Benchmark Capital.

Joost + YouTube = Veoh TV

It seems like form Disney exec Michael Eisner is determined to make online video his next domain, with the beta launch this week of Veoh TV.

Thank Google For Vista Service Pack 1 Delays

Microsoft has proved the value in the saying “easier to ask for forgiveness than permission,” when it comes to Vista.

Google Acquires Zenter

Google appears to be on track to deliver on its promise to provide a PowerPoint alternative by the summer. The company has announced the acquisition of Zenter, a company offering online slide presentations.

Digg Responds to Social Networking Challengers

I’ve always warned that starting a new search engine, no matter how unique the offering, is a risky proposition. Even if you do create something different, what’s to stop Google from rolling out the same functionality? If I can get it at Google, why go else where?

Vanessa Fox Leaving Google

Google’s popular conference spokesperson and member of the Webmaster Central team, has announced that she is leaving the company to join real estate search company, Zillow.

The Growth of Web Widgets

The WSJ has a report (sub) on comScore’s latest study on the growth of web widgets.

Google Increases Efforts to Identify Paid Links

Over at the Official Google Webmaster Central Blog, Vanessa Fox announces a “report paid links” feature, after previously asking us to use the spam report to snitch on those selling paid links.

SMX: Cutts on Themes and Latent Semantic Indexing

Having worked closely with latent semantic indexing, during my time at FI, I’ve become a big advocate of making sure you have structured themes in your content, and that you include a supporting cast of semantically connected keywords.

In this clip from SMX Advanced, Matt Cutts shares how Google is continually testing the use of LSI, and keyword themes.