About Andrew Knutt

Andrew has been in business for the past 17 years, with 8 years in IT and design. Educated at degree level in business studies and once winner of the UKs South Wests Shell LiveWire business award. Today, his company ADK LTD conceptualises and brands other peoples products and services by offering advice and design of business processes and IT integration for Internet use.
Search Engine Pitfalls & Remedies of Redesigning Websites

After a couple of beers and a bit of soul searching on the web planning front my SEO specialist friend and I noticed that many businesses that have new websites aren’t aware of the effects changing of host servers and web page names can have on their search engine ranking. What’s more shocking is that many web developers don’t advise clients about the down side of changing or redesigning web sites, or even recommend best ways of reducing loss of ranking.

Why Print is Important for Web Sites & Ecommerce

Don’t miss out on opportunities that your ecommerce store or website will provide.