About Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

Behavioral Analysis: Is Claria Building the Next Great Search Engine?

Claria’s RelevancyRank, a search technology under development, challenges Google, Yahoo, and MSN with a comparison of where they would rank the sites that RelevancyRank (based on behavioral indicators that Claria gathers by following users around with its adware) would rank in the top ten for the phrase “cheap tickets.”

Should Keyword Arbitrage Be Called “Click Pimping”?

I have a friend who calls keyword arbitrage – the practice of buying cheap clicks on one PPC engine and then collecting a higher CPC based on ads served (and clicked often enough) on a content-oriented site – “click pimping.”

Local Search Getting More Granular

In doing a quick search for the San Jose Hilton, I noticed there was a fair bit of info available through Google Local, like how many rooms, whether pets are accepted, parking situation, etc. It’s not clear, though, that the hotel has gone into Google Local Business Center to enter this info.

Image Search Knows No Country

Think about it. If you’re a search buff, how often would you stumble across a site in a completely different language…?

Internet Archiving By Search Engines Illegal?

A number of friends have been talking about the kerfuffle about the Canadian bill that would protect the copyright of web publishers against the archiving activities of search engines.

The History of Search Engine Strategies

For those who want to get more insight into these popular conferences, Danny Sullivan has just launched the Search Engine Strategies Blog.

That Giant Scraping Sound: Li on Job Search

Forrester’s Charlene Li offers an in-depth analysis of Yahoo Hotjobs’ new free job listings component, and the job search field in general.

TIME’s 50 Coolest Sites

I’m belatedly coming up to speed on a well-researched feature Time recently did on the 50 Coolest Sites of 2005.

Want Your Page to be Popular? Just Add Water. (Or, 1997 Wine, New Bottles)

Danny offers a detailed explanation of how search marketers are probably going to try to exploit Yahoo’s My Web 2.0. OK, I admit it, I’m a bit confused.

The Portal Threat To Verticals (and How To Beat It)

There are a lot of exciting developments in specialized search these days. Shopping search, job search, social bookmarking, classifieds, local search, and more. Quite a few startups have gained enough momentum to attract funding and followings of loyal early adopters.

Channel-Based Wholesale PPC Still on a Roll

A number of companies have been vying to help publishers run their own PPC auctions. MyGeek and Quigo have been a couple leaders in this area. This was largely pioneered by Sprinks content match, which operated on a “channel” basis allowing advertisers to place ads, mostly on About.com.

Google in Your Walls

Google, Goldman Sachs, and Hearst Media have invested in Current Communications Group, which provides access to the Internet over power lines.

Yahoo Paid Inclusion: Is this Story Authentic?

One reason many in the SEM business have been skeptics when it comes to paid inclusion is that it was that the claims made for it lacked credibility.

Amazon Turning Ten

If Amazon.com is ten years old, that brings up a bit of search engine marketing trivia. It must meant that linking campaigns, once thought to be the quintessential form of Internet PR, are now more than ten years old! Eric Ward famously helped Amazon get linked all over the web, which was a big part of its early success.

Some Folks Like Spyware… Really!

You’ll have trouble winning an argument with Eric Goldman, because like any good lawyer, he seizes on logical inconsistencies and factual shortcomings in arguments, and uses them to get spurious charges thrown out of court.

Ad Revenues & Ulterior Motives

Contrary to what many assume, there remains a lot of useful online ad inventory out there. Those who own good chunks of that inventory are holding tight to it, consolidating it, and trying to grab more of it.

Bringing New Meaning to the Phrase “Google Cash”

Loose lips have leaked the rumor that Google is planning to offer an online payment service. I guess when you’re planning something as big as taking PayPal on, word tends to get out.

AdWords Site Targeting Goes Live

After a beta test period proved successful, all Google AdWords advertisers can now access a “site targeting” feature for content-targeted ads, so they can control what partner sites their ads appear on. Placement will be auction-based, with CPM rates starting at $2.

Power Users Not the Secret to Alternative Browser Adoption

Mozilla product release manager Asa Dotzler argues that the real takeoff of Mozilla happened when Firefox came along and made it easy for “non-technical” users to switch away from IE. (Hat tip to Jeremy Zawodny for the reference.)

FindWhat Gets Pretty New Logo, Ticker Symbol

Findwhat, Espotting, and Comet Systems, disparate properties which have been brought together through acquisition, will now come together under the Miva brand, the e-commerce storefront company that had also been part of the group.

Does This Make Om Malik the Pat O’Brien of VOIP?

Om Malik likens VOIP to the “It Girl” Lindsay Lohan, saying it gets a disproportionate amount of ink for no apparent reason. Of course he’s just kidding. Obviously he knows it’s important given how frequently he enlightens readers about it.

The Portal-Ization of My Inbox?

In Yahoo Mail today I notice a module for “top stories,” a list of today’s headlines. Why?

eBay Diversification Continues

eBay has announced that is acquiring Shopping.com in an all-cash transaction.

Yahoo’s Slider Makes Commercial vs. Informational Dichotomy Overt

Playing to “the algo,” as we’ve argued here for some time, may soon be a thing of the past.