About Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

Experimental Google Search Results Page

On the one-word query [skol], typed into Google Search, the usual results appear at the top, but then below that, the user is prompted to extend their query to [skol beer] or view the first three results for that longer phrase.

The Gmail Autosave Feature

Geez, make that Wednesday. A tribute to a few worthwhile causes. Small kindnesses: The Gmail “autosave” feature.

GOOG Worth $217/Share: Analyst

AnalystMorningstar has an interview with an analyst who sees Google primarily as an advertising company that should be valued on that basis.

The Local Online Threat (Google + Wi-Fi…)

The presence of localized free hotspots threatens, among other companies, newspapers, who would have to contend with online rivals who would have the ability to serve localized ads targeted even by neighbourhood.

Cutts: Google Thinks of Ads as a Type of Search

Matt Cutts of Google posted: By the way, there’s another quote from me in that Red Herring story…

Google Site Targeting – Givin’ It Away

Early feedback on Google’s fledgling Site Targeting initiative suggested that much of the inventory might even be overpriced at the $2.00 CPM minimum.

Open Content Alliance a Sight for Sore Eyes

Yahoo and others have announced a plan to digitize and make accessible library materials; a plan similar to the controversial Google Print initiative.

Online, Ads Work Better When They’re Search?

Interesting offering from Toronto-based Inoventiv. It allows advertisers to create a searchable ad unit, facilitating a “navigational” style interaction between the user and the site …

Google House Ads, cont’d

A clarification on my previous post about house ads run by Google on publisher websites, as part of the AdSense creative.

Selling Billboard Space… Thru Craigslist? On the Inefficiency of Media Buying

As we know, the paid search auction has been the great shining tangible example of how inefficient markets can be quickly rationalized through an online auction scenario.

The CEO Did It: Butler Gets Axed

So Diller will indeed ask his butler, Jeeves, to find new employment. We speculated about this earlier in the month …

Google Increases House Ads On Adsense Sites

In the past, advertisers have worried that Google “house” ads compete for space with those who are advertising on SERP’s for fairly granular search queries, such as “flight tracker.” …

Rumors: Google, Microsoft, AOL

Chatting with some marketing wonks this week, talk turned to how skilful Google has been at hanging back and creating false starts in various areas, with the hopes of spurring competitors to make the first move.

Google Adjusts Site Targeting

In a recent issue of Page Zero Advisor, I argued (in part) as follows on the subject of Google’s new Site Targeting version of the content targeting program …

Cerf = Googlenet

Putting the pieces of the puzzle together, Om Malik astutely connects Google’s recruiting of Internet pioneer Vint Cerf …

Geez, the Search Guys Really Don’t Talk to the Ad Guys, Do They?

Anyone in the SEO game is by now reading Matt Cutts’ blog, and well they should. The “real insider Googleplex scoop” is so often what emanates from Matt – and for those of us who don’t get to “that part” of the conferences, it’s really illuminating reading.

Push Comes to Shove

MarketingSherpa has a study that newsletter open rates have dropped 10% in the past year, but I almost didn’t get the message because I hardly ever read those emails anymore… which sort of explains why my company didn’t make it into this year’s SEM Buyer’s Guide (Paid Search Version), in case you’re wondering why Page Zero Media doesn’t show up in Sherpa’s guide to paid search management firms.

Google Builds War Chest for Proliferation of Non-Evil

What do you do when things are good? Roll out a secondary offering, of course. :) Wow, GOOG shares are taking a real pounding as the market hears about this impending dilution. The company is now valued at “only” $77.5 billion.;)

Google Didn’t Lose Google vs. Geico

As far as Judge Brinkema was and is concerned, using trademarked keywords in an ad serving system to trigger relevant, non-deceptive ads is perfectly legal. Google won that case.

Quality Matters

Danny’s fed up with the search engine index size wars, and proposes that the biggies duke it out on a more important front: relevancy (or relevance as we like to call it over here). He proposes that they all agree on some sort of standard test and to have an independent institute or consortium run the tests.

Secondary Sources of Targeted Traffic: All Part of the Game

Leslie Walker of the Washington Post homes in on what she terms web “clutter” — sites and pages that may be little more than parked domain names with limited content and a lot of paid listings, not all of which are relevant to what the user is looking for.

Is Google Getting Into Behavioral Targeting, or Not?

It’s interesting to juxtapose the formal and informal statements of Google staffers (on panels, and in the hallway) on the question of making more behavioral targeting available to advertisers …

Google Authorized Resellers in China

Google has announced that it is endorsing three Authorized Resellers in China. China Enterprise, China Source, and Hotsales have become Google Authorized Resellers and will provide sales and support for Google AdWords ads in China.

Yahoo Publisher Network: A One-Way Street?

Some great posts around the web following up on Yahoo’s decision to extend their content matching ad program to smaller publishers, a la Google AdSense.