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Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

Google, I Know What You Did Last Fall

Some wonder if Google’s quarterly results (coming Jan. 31) will disappoint — if Yahoo’s recent slightly-below-expectations numbers are a bellwether for the sector.

Is Every New Search Engine Just a Feature?

Glancing over press for a new social search engine, prefound.com, I’m struck by a few (hopefully of the “pre-found” variety, as my grandaddy used to pronounce “profound”) thoughts.

Google AdWords and Radio

Hang onto your hats.

Ontario E-Commerce Nightmare

maOn a popular gift shop site — it boasts that it’s one of only 50 of 62,000 rated businesses that earned the BizRate circle of excellence — I came across this doozy:

Be Careful What You Wish For

Some have had trouble understanding why I might try to defend Jakob Nielsen’s recent critique of search engine overmonetization.

Podzinger Voice Recognition / Daily Roundup

Haven’t test-driven it yet, but reviewing product features, it looks like PodZinger’s ability to use voice recognition to help users search for podcasts is state of the art.

Google Extends Massive Leechy Lead

A lot of numbers seem to get thrown around the searchblogosphere. I closely follow a shorter list of numbers that matter.

On the New Yahoo Ad Sizes

Yahoo’s text ad length will be getting shorter in January, as we found in a recent communication from the company.

Up With IE! To the Hand that Feeds!

In all of the industry snobbery that makes slow adopters into an “outgroup,” we’ve forgotten: people who work at tech companies, and early adopters of tech, could be less likely to click on the very ads their whole Web 2.0 world depends on for economic survival.

The Dreaded “No Referrer”

If you’re selling big, bulky items that cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars — especially if it’s a business-to-business transaction …

Web 1.5 Hasn’t Yet Penetrated!

Seth reports that a seventy-year old friend of his father’s doesn’t know what an MP3 is. That’s nothing.

SEM as Mass Tourism

“Gibberish doesn’t sell” didn’t exactly convey the theme I wanted, so my Big Idea for ad:tech has been tweaked slightly to “search is like mass tourism.” …

Algos Gone Wild: Google Exposed!

This Google patent application speaks volumes… literally. As I understand it, the SEO junkies are rightly going over it with a fine-toothed comb to discover how exactly Google plans to fold personalization into the rank-ordering of search results.

Best Job Board: Craigslist
· 2

Craigslist wants us to know that their traffic far outstrips the leading job boards, and guess what, they also come up on top in terms of job search effectiveness, according to a Forrester Research study.

LookSmart Builds Spider Bait

So LookSmart’s creating content now, to ensure itself a higher-quality distribution network for the pay-per-click ads it sells.

SEO Apprentice Dumped by Martha Stewart

As Matt Cutts sadly points out, David Karandish, a young online marketing whiz, just got cut from his Martha Stewart Apprentice team.

Google’s Future in Auctions

When you leak news of further diversification, the market often punishes. After record earnings, though, this news of Google’s development of an auction service pushes the stock up another six bucks. I suppose that’s a buy on rumor reaction.

The Search That’s Better Than Search?

Every so often, it dawns on you that the whole Internet environment has traveled too far from that quiet, information-oriented era that got you so interested in the medium in the first place.

Google Site Targeting Drops To $0.25 CPM

Apparently, CPM rates aren’t what they used to be, especially on crap sites. To recap: Google came out with the new Site Targeting content targeting option, allowing advertisers to show ads on specific sites.

Gmail Spam Is Gone

This interesting post by a GMail engineer reminded me: I’m not getting any spam at all in my GMail accounts! …

Search Engines Should Dump “Legacy” Products

For advertisers alone, especially on the Yahoo side, there is such a confusing array of product options and features that it is in fact becoming difficult to know how to spend.

Google’s Gravity-Defying Financials

To be clear, Google’s great Q3 result keeps them on the same track that they’ve been on since they designed a great search engine that the world wanted to use, and a better ad program that screamed scalability.

Yahoo Search Revenues Get No Respect

I’m at Search Engine Strategies in Stockholm today. One of a number of points I put forward in the Ad Forum session today was jumping off yesterday’s Yahoo earnings announcement. The company’s flat profit for the quarter surpassed estimates.

Google Home Pages Out of Beta

So the personalized home page offering from Google is now in “full product release,” which may surprise those of you who have been using other Google products heavily for a long time without them coming out of beta.