About Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

Google Aquires JotSpot

They’ve done it again, this time with a wiki collaboration product.

Browser Market Share Data

Speaking of browsers, I’m working with a client site right now that gets substantial traffic, and gets 88% of its visits from Internet Explorer (only 10% Firefox)! 95% of the IE visits are v. 6 right now.

The Day I’ll Yahoo: x 100,000,000 other users

Jeremy Z. points to Google’s feather-ruffling “here we go again protecting our trademark” post, and reaction to it that includes one guy telling Google to “shove its lexographical advice up your…”

Digital Round Table

I moderated a roundtable on paid search at the Digital Marketing Conference today. I felt it was a really productive discussion.

Google’s Website Optimizer
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Talk about a potentially disruptive technology! Google has released a new product that integrates with AdWords: a landing page testing tool called Website Optimizer to help sites maximize conversion rates. It’s high-powered stuff. More info from Google here. It seems only select advertisers will be invited to participate in the beta.

Ad Position and Bid Influence

This screen shot is from a test campaign I ran this week (to see full size versions of screen shots here, click on them). The drilldown on any ad group’s bid or individual keyword bid allows you to project how bids will translate into ad positions and their expected click volumes in the upcoming month. This is just for a single keyword, “interior decorating.”

Panama Goes Live

As of yesterday, the first wave of advertisers were converting over to Yahoo’s new Panama ad system. The system will be made available to all advertisers in the U.S. by year end. Once they migrate, there will be no opting back for the current Direct Traffic Center, a fact which is unlikely to generate any tears.

Six Questions for the Digital Marketing Conference

On October 19 I’ll be moderating a roundtable on paid search at the Canadian Marketing Association’s annual Digital Marketing Conference. (It’s been held at The Guvernment nightclub — why that had to be the venue is an interesting conversation in itself!)

Wasting More Time with YouTube

As everyone knew, YouTube was way, way ahead in users and uploaded content. I did some quick checking, on queries like “athens” and “mcdonalds” and found that there were typically between 4X and 12X as many videos uploaded to YouTube as to Google Video. This stuff isn’t going away.

MySpace’s Recent Growth

Advertising Age notes in a recent article that the 35-54 demographic now accounts for no less than 40.6% of MySpace usage, and that the teen 12-17 cohort has been cut by more than half, now accounting for only 11.2% of usage. Uh oh. Does that sound hip and youthful to you?

Need More Places to Put Ads

So if the rumor is true, and Google acquires Youtube… what about Yahoo and Facebook? And why the flurry of activity now? This would be out of character for, especially, Google — who have generally made little acquisitions though recently they inked a huge “partnership” with MySpace.

Wendy Muller Leaving Google Canada

Wendy Muller, who has headed up Google Canada’s advertising and sales office for the past four years, is leaving the company, according to sources and now confirmed by Google.

Contextual Advertising Trying a Bit Too Hard

As I’ve been telling friends and family, I’m working on a new book. A very easy one to write, it will be, as the content is entirely user-generated.

Usability Rant of the Day: Print this Page

In the past two days I tried unsuccessfully to invoke the “print this page” function on articles I read online.

New YSM Features: Ad Testing and Quality Index

Nothing particularly new here, and they haven’t launched yet, but in their September “On Target” advertiser newsletter, Yahoo outlines forthcoming features for their ad platform: ad testing and the quality index.

Third-Party Tagging: Next Stop, Google Groups?

I wrote earlier about Google’s effort to enlist users to tag images, in part through a competitive game that offers an incentive system.

Google Advertising: Winning Battles to Win the War

The formula for Google AdWords ad rank changed significantly in August, 2005. As I’m discovering, there are still many advertisers who simply aren’t aware of this.

Top Digger Freaks Out, Leaves

As I mentioned recently, the output pattern on many community-built content sites and recommendation engines appears to skew heavily towards a cadre of obssessive contributors.

Lead Generation Conundrums

Our client list over at Page Zero is varied. One of the ways we can most consistently add value is in custom work driving paid search traffic and helping with site design and copywriting for “complex” sales, such as B2B campaigns with long sales cycles.

Did Google Miss?

Google’s financial report seems to have disappointed Wall Street.

Searcholicious Stats

At the upcoming SES New York, there’s a session called Searchonomics: Serious Fun and Stats. Cool moniker.

Branded Keyword Use Now Mainstream

As John Battelle reports, Mazda’s off to the races buying terms like “Pontiac” for its AdWords campaign.

China, Internet Behavior, and Censorship

Attending a press conference for the Canadian Internet Project – a partner of the World Internet Project – a couple of months ago, I was struck by some of the survey data on citizen attitudes and orientations towards Internet use around the world.

The Subpoena Thing: Gov’t Keyword Research

It’s time to say a few words about why the government’s request for search query data bothers me. As he so often does, Danny summarizes a controversy nicely.