About Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

Search Engine X Too Powerful. Just Open Source It?

Skrenta explains what many of you already grasped about Google’s growing power.

Wilson: Web 2.0 Easier to Fund

Thanks to John/Rick for drawing my attention to this great post from Fred Wilson.

When Honesty is the Only Thing Left to Sell

Who’ll be keeping it real in ’07?

More than One Side to the Click Fraud Story

The votes are in, and a sizeable percentage of commenters appear to believe that Andy Beal’s exclusive on Google’s click fraud detection process is just telling one side of the story.

Critics : Yahoo Reorg Not Radical Enough

You know I agree with John Krystynak’s take – because earlier I accused wild and crazy Peanut Butter Man, Brad Garlinghouse, of “incrementalism.”

Reflections on Jason Calacanis Keynote

On Tuesday at SES Chicago, Danny Sullivan interviewed Jason Calacanis.

It’s Not Easy Being Matt Cutts

One of my favorite Dilbert cartoons is the one where Dogbert is accused of becoming “an annoying person who misinterprets everything you say.” He replies “Yes, I’m more assertive.” Interlocutor replies: “I said annoying, not assertive.” And then something or other about climbing into a clothes dryer.

Quick Hits from SES

Some of the live-blogger posts will be more comprehensive, but here’s some quick takes.

Quality Score Questions for Nick Fox, Google

I talked with Nick Fox, Senior Product Manager for Ads Quality at Google, to get caught up on the latest issues relating to Quality-Based Bidding.

The Google Slap

In the click arbitrage world, some of the least successful players are complaining about something they call the Google Slap.

Adversarial Indexing

I told a client today about a phenomenon known as “adversarial indexing.” Actually, I said it was “known as adversarial indexing” or that “information retrieval scientists call it adversarial indexing,” when I should have said “information retrieval scientists call it something like adversarial indexing.”

“Live Site Clinic” Sessions

Conferences are great learning experiences oftentimes, but I’ve always marveled at how unprepared some people come.

More Sullivan PubCon Keynote

This is the second part of Andrew Goodman’s take on Danny Sullivan’s Keynote from PubCon.

Chris Tolles’ Pubcon Summary

Chris Tolles, co-founder of Topix.net, offers a brilliant summary of Pubcon, including a comparison between this and something like Web 2.0. Could Tolles be the ultimate hybrid? A well-versed attendee/sponsor of both conferences, who totally “gets it”?

The NHL and Youtube

Nice job by the National Hockey league, inking a deal with YouTube to distribute clips of highlights, and opening up its own “web channel.”

Danny’s Consistent Thread in Pubcon Keynote

It was a first for Pubcon. Andrew Goodman spoke there! True – but seriously, this is a review of Danny Sullivan’s keynote speech.

PubCon: Everything You Need to Know
· 1

Or an important indicator, anyway. Webmaster Pubcon is packed this week.

AdWords and History of PPC Price Inflation

Detlev Johnson, in the SearchReturn email newsletter, weighs in on the subject of landing page quality algorithms by turning to a history of paid search price increases:

It’s a Great Day in the Arbitrage-Hood

Yessirreee, Google sure is doing a good job of getting rid of those arbitrage links from the ad space.

Thumbs Down on Web 2.0 Conference

GigaOm weighs in with a mostly-thumbs-down on the Web 2.0 conference; seems the cause for complaint was a lot of excessive caution and cynicism, fueled by money.

Web 2.0 – Built for Speed

Being built for speed isn’t a bad thing – especially not if that makes your price tag go up.

The Newspaper And Google

Google’s having a slow time making inroads into the print ad space, but the announcement of their deal with 50 major newspapers is certainly a big push forward.

SES And Post-SES Intensive Workshops In Chicago

What they say is true. Search is such a highly granular, customized, long tail type industry, there’s an awful lot to talk about. I had about an hour to give a talk on Friday (interesting group – a college class learning about SEM – update shortly), and still felt myself running out of time. In a world where you now have whole college courses (the few, the proud) devoted to nothing but search marketing, it’s little wonder that I run out of time way before I run out of material.

Lycos Giving Power To Ask.com

This is one of those smaller type announcements that I’d rather blog quickly here so my co-workers know about it (on their own time) rather than interrupting anyone for even a few seconds by mentioning it to the guy at the next desk.