About Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

Hammer, Nails, Snake Oil, Olive Tree, Lexus, & The Yogi

That’s the title of my upcoming… er,,,… this… post.

Mike, you may be right, but I’m guessing you’ll never stop it. By "it," I mean the tendency of SEO snake-oil salesmen (sorry, "snake-oil 2.0") from selling their seemingly plausible SEO formula long past its "gone stinky" date.

PeekYou, Look Harder

Oh, the perils of releasing a "beta" product before it’s ready for prime time.

Video Ads Added to Superpages

Today, Verizon Superpages is announcing the rollout of a "documercials" program that allows small to midsized businesses to enhance their local listings with professionally-produced video clips.

The program will initially be limited to Seattle, LA, and the Bay Area.

Squidoo – Principles to Consider

Not enough time for the usual in-depth rant (lucky for you)… but jumping off Danny’s excellent overview, I will assume that Google found within itself to ratchet down the value of Squidoo pages in the grand scheme of things.

After the Page View…

Of course I agree with the great insights by Future Now guys Robert Gorelli and Bryan Eisenberg on many questions of user engagement (though by necessity in my practice I use dumbed-down versions of what they do)…

Dark Side of AJAXy, All-Seeing LinkedIn

Sorry bout the overwrought headline – thought if I started with a ZDNet vibe you might be more likely to read. :)

Open Letter to Yang

Welcome aboard, Chief Yahoo.

I did a little asking around, to some people that matter in the industry, people that care about your search division, and especially about your Panama rollout. What will happen next? Anything cool? Bold?

I’ve got some rough news for you: they don’t think you’ll do it. Maybe they don’t think you can do it. Everybody’s couching their language in lukewarm "we’ll see" platitudes.

Well, it’s good to get that out of the way. Low expectations mean at least you can beat them, I guess.

SES: Built By People, for People & Robots

Finally catching my breath from Search Engine Strategies Toronto 2007. As close to an unqualified success as I could have hoped. Many attendees including Pauline from HighRankings (who interviewed me for Jill’s newsletter) noticed that the freshness of the program spurred speakers into coming up with new, fresh, cutting-edge material.

Jarboe at SES Toronto

Speaking of Search Engine Strategies Toronto, did you know that Incisive Media now hosts half-day and full-day training sessions – intensive workshops on special topics to bring you fully up to speed – the day prior to the SES conferences?

Missing From the UGC Viability Discourse

In this wave of the Internet economy, investors are self-consciously considering investing in plays that depend on "user-generated content." In the past, Internet investments were more haphazard. Today’s discourse is much more sophisticated.

So naturally, in discussions of the viability of burgeoning online communities, a big question is: why would anyone contribute? Why would you upload a video? Why would you write a product review?

Google Without Ads

Picked up that little hack from TheGrokDotCom, to show Google SERP’s with no ads.

Gates on Everything Moving Online

To those of us who have been toiling away trying to explain the benefits of targeted, measurable, interactive advertising: Bill Gates is on our side.

He pulls no punches, and believes that the shift will be ahead of schedule, and not smooth.

Yellow Pages: doomed.

Newspapers: doomed.

Traditional TV ad models: doomed.

And all sooner than people think.

ContextWeb’s ADSDAQ Goes Live

DoubleClick may be working on a "NASDAQ-like exchange" for online display ads, but today ContextWeb has opened their ADSDAQ platform live, discussed here recently.

SES Toronto – Seth Godin!

We have a great keynote speaker now confirmed for SES Toronto, June 12-13 (the premier event for search engine marketing professionals) – Seth Godin.

The first 600 through the door will even get a complimentary copy of Seth’s new book, The Dip.

Don’t miss it! This will be the fourth and undoubtedly the best yet Search Engine Strategies conference in Canada.

Google and Radio (Why the Push?)

I’ve noticed that Google’s emphasis on the radio ads marketplace has been particularly strong – even amidst all of the other things they seem to be pumping all at once. Some client accounts have this tab visible (Account Snapshot); others, that tab (try this beta); and others, still, the other (Radio Ads). Or so it seems.

Google’s testing a lot of stuff right now, but you keep hearing about the radio part.

I wonder why?

SES Toronto is Coming!

It’s nearly the end of April, and *finally*, true spring has taken hold around these parts. Out my way, just west of High Park, the forecast is for sunny & gorgeous all weekend, which means it won’t be just the diehard runners frolicking in the park. Warning to swans: a horde of Torontonians will be stopping by to see you! In a perfect world, I’d be strapping on the rollerblades, but we’ll see if that perfect world gets sidelined by the workload.

SES – Goodman: “We Do Arbitrage”

At Search Engine Strategies New York this week I had the opportunity to model a panel on the latest with buying contextual ads with particular focus on the top contextual programs through Google, Yahoo, IndustryBrains, and a couple of others.

Angry People Prove O’Reilly’s Point

It’s hard to put a subtle debate into brief paragraphs, but I did want to elaborate a bit on my take about blogger codes of ethics or whatnot.

Goodman Gives Thumbs Up for Blogger Code

When Jimmy Wales and Tim O’Reilly get on the front page of the New York Times… it’s news… to everyone else. There’s been an outpouring of feedback on the proposal for a blogger code of conduct in the wake of rounds of blogger nastiness.

Google Top Ads – Was Banner Blindness Setting In?

Google refers vaguely to the "need for a new look" in shifting their top sponsored ad background color from blue to yellow today.

Were CTR’s declining? We know that rotating ad design in banner campaigns sometimes props up CTR’s. Personally, I haven’t seen much evidence of declining CTR up there at the top, but you never know.

Multivariate Landing Page Testing

Now that Google Website Optimizer is out of beta, more businesses will begin testing their landing pages to improve conversions.

As I was fairly familiar with the basic product features already, Google’s Tom Leung and I had the chance to talk informally about some of the benefits of putting this product in many hands.

Yelp Poised for Breakout?

Yelp has been the most-watched company in the seemingly-narrow but fast-growing niche of user-generated content specifically with regard to bars, restaurants, and clubs, and "youth" oriented hotspots and retail. For them, it’s beginning to expand to the point where they’re a bit of a social community and a "go-to" site if you’re looking for local review content.

Kathy Sierra and Keeping it Positive

Like many, I’m far enough removed from this particular conference & blog orbit that I don’t really know that much about Kathy Sierra, or the motivations someone might have for writing noxious comments about her and threatening her.

On the strength of the belief that what has transpired has been an act of misogyny in the professional world, hundreds have sent supportive comments and have published supportive posts. To that, I want to add: hey guys, it’s OK to stand up against injustice (in support of anyone who is being dismissed or discriminated against) before the death threats kick in. But better late than never. To date, there are 1,165 supportive comments on her blog post about this matter.

Smuggling Sponsors into Navigation Conventions

Barry at SEL reports: MSN UK put a prefill in a search box, touting The Apprentice on BBC. Ouch!