About Andrew Goodman

Andrew Goodman is Principal of Page Zero Media, a marketing consultancy which focuses on maximizing clients' paid search marketing campaigns.

In 1999 Andrew co-founded Traffick.com, an acclaimed "guide to portals" which foresaw the rise of trends such as paid search and semantic analysis.

The Improved Reality of Parked Domain Traffic

For years many of us in the advertiser camp have yelled about the fact that vendors like Google AdWords lump domain traffic in with "search" traffic without giving you much control over the situation.

A lot of this was justifiable yelling – but as with much about the content networks (and stuff that should be in the content network but was in the past classified as search), today’s reality seems to have improved.

A Look at Upcoming Search Industry Conferences

In the search marketing industry, face-to-face events seem to abound. If you’re a bit lost, here’s the beginnings of a rough working guide to the next 4-5 months in the field and what to expect.

The Big:

Kijiji Attempts to Take On Craigslist

The New York Times recently reported a story about Kijiji’s attempt to take on Craigslist. Though Kijiji has some decent traction globally, it had been an unknown in the US. Is that about to change?

Local Search Sites Past Peak

Whether it’s because of consolidation and pressure from above (Google, Yahoo, etc.), or too much competition from one another, including newer upstarts, traffic to key local search sites appears to have peaked about two years ago.

(Disclaimer: I know Alexa isn’t 100% accurate, but above the 5,000 rank it’s probably roughly accurate.)

Move on to SEO Techniques that Work

SEO techniques typically linger long after their "good til" dates. 2008 should be no exception, but if you’re paying attention it’s time to move onto the stuff that works.

This useful review of techniques that Google clamped down on this year included:

Google, Yahoo Celebrate Wins for Xmas

Hat tip SEL: The Google-DoubleClick merger has been approved by the FTC.

Facebook’s Revamped Beacon

So Facebook has revamped the workings of their Beacon. To all you bloggerati and digital doomsayers (like me) who raised a stink about this, looks like your sense of smell wasn’t wrong.

Some things need to be opt-in, not opt-out. Looks like "Charlene Li just bought a table" showing up in a newsfeed is in the former category.

Structured Search Coming Soon from Yahoo?

Barry Schwartz reports that Yahoo plans to roll out a "structured search" functionality in the near future.

Writing For Leads Is Bad Business

Recently I re-read a business book (written by some PhD’s who counsel people to improve their careers), and each chapter struck me as salesy — as if it were primarily crafted to speak to the 1% of readers who might be likely to follow up as consulting prospects.

TheStreet.com Surges

Here’s something we haven’t seen since the last bubble: TheStreet.com with a stock price over $12. A sign of steady growth and progress, rising subscription and ad revenues, and a dogged desire to mine one’s Hedgehog Concept?

Google-DoubleClick Counterpoint

As is often the case, Danny surprises us with a level of detail in his rejoinder to Senators Hatch & Kohl about the impending Google-DoubleClick merger.

The short answer seems to be that Danny defends Google’s position against certain distortions.

Does AdWords Hurt Organic Rankings?

Perhaps more so than ever since there was a leaked screen shot of a search result screen showing internal "GG Scores" that assess the value of an organic result, observers/punters have speculated (for reasons I can’t fully fathom) about the negative impact on your organic rankings that might come from advertising on paid search.

Impending Recession for Paid Search?

How did I miss this post by Steve Rubel? Tired of doomsaying in the Web 2.0 bubble realm, he recently predicted an impending recession for poor old Google, based on several factors.

Finally Someone Admits Facebook Has a Problem

When you have nagging doubts about the business model of Facebook, professionally it’s often not a good idea to voice them.

Doomsday Scenario?

Mark Simon considers the probability of a "doomsday scenario" if Google badly misses a quarterly earnings estimate, which would hammer their stock price, casting a pall over the entire online advertising sector.

SEM Strategy: Don’t Look Like a Duck?

Eric Enge’s extensive discussion of hidden text and its dangers illustrates a key issue for anyone working on a search marketing strategy. (Hat tip seroundtable.com)

Media Companies Tinker with Image Management

Gone are the days when my mental picture of the community "out there" was shaped by the the hand-picked Letters to the Editor in the print newspaper.

Equal Time – The Pro-Arbitrage Position

Followup to my recent article on Google AdWords’ website quality policies. Although the majority of rank and file advertisers I chatted with favor Google’s stances against, for example, "arbitrage sites that are designed for the sole purpose of showing ads," not all go along with the Google take on things.

Tim Armstrong Sees Toronto Agency Growth

Google’s North American president of advertising, Tim Armstrong, is quoted in a Globe and Mail article today as seeing a proliferation of ad agency jobs as a result of Google’s dominance of the online ad market. Armstrong is in town to "meet with his Canadian team," according to the article.

We Need a Detailed Picture of Click Quality

Making recent headlines has been a heated debate between a click fraud auditing vendor, Tom Cuthbert of Click Forensics, and Shuman Ghosemajumder, head of click quality at Google.

Google Gadget Ads Rolling Out

Today Google is announcing the wider availability of Google Gadgets in ad format, something that has been in testing for months. Several advertisers are cited as happy beta partners, including Intel, Six Flags, and a fizzy beverage company.

Frivolous Aussie Keyword Lawsuit

Litigants in anti-Google keyword cases such as this latest in Australia speak in one-sided "baby talk," acting for all the world like Google has set out to deceive and wrong them personally. I’d call it "food fight tactics," if I’d ever witnessed a food fight mostly involving applesauce, but I haven’t.

Yahoo’s Post-Semel Scorecard

Valleywag believes Yahoo hasn’t done much, a couple of months into the "100 day" plan put forward by new/interim CEO Jerry Yang. Maybe summer isn’t the best time to start the clock on something like that, though.

SES – Ads in a Quality Score World

Day 1 of SES San Jose is in the books. It was a busy one for me. I managed to moderate a fast-paced session on Search Landscape, speak on Ad Quality, and took in a new session on Ad exchanges.

The Ads in a Quality Score World panel was moderated by Danny Sullivan. In this session I tend to amuse myself by watching carefully for subtle wordings, especially in statements by Googlers.