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Andre Bell is an author and marketing advisor. He runs an informational website that provides technology marketing tips and recommendations for Solution Providers, Computer Consultants, and Small VARs. Visit his official site at www.AndreBell.com for his free 9-step technology marketing report.
Marketing Tips For Computer Consultants, VARs, & Solution Providers
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“We all sell the same thing… there’s no difference between what one company offers compared to another.” Those are the words a manager of a large, but struggling technology solution provider revealed to me.

Four Reasons To AVOID Marketing Coaches

There is an increasing fad towards hiring marketing coaches to educate business owners and decision makers about building their businesses.

Sell `Em In Bunches – The Key To Rapid Sales Growth

Today’s marketing tip involves a principal that not one in 10,000 business owners is using–yet is so profitable it has taken many hole-in-the-wall businesses and turned them into multi-billion dollar corporations almost overnight.

How To REALLY Get Obscene Levels of Traffic To Your Site Overnight

Every online marketer dreams of having a top 10 website on Google and Yahoo. Unfortunately most have come to realize that no matter how many e-books, videos, or seminars you attend traffic will still allude you.

How to Write A Dramatic News Release

Have you ever dreamed of what it might be like to have the limelight of the press interested in you?

Top 9 Strategies To Attract More Clients Now

1. Advertise in trade journals, ezines, and web sites that cater to your ideal client.

How to Gain Credibility and Sales By Writing Online Articles
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Writing is one of the most powerful secrets you will find for bringing in new business and gaining credibility among your peers and potential clients.

Are You a Marketing Octopus, or a Marketing Worm?
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One of the greatest challenges to effectively marketing a business is determining which marketing method is best for your business.