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Amrit Hallan is a freelance copywriter, and a website content writer. He also dabbles with PHP and HTML. For more tips and tricks in PHP, JavaScripting, XML, CSS designing and HTML, visit his blog at http://www.aboutwebdesigning.com
Calculating the Difference Between Two Dates Using PHP
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Suppose you want to know the age of a person given her birth date. Let’s say her birth date is “09-23-1969″. Although in this case you might say that we don’t need a program to compute the age, but assume there are 1000s of records in your database and for every person you have to print a report like:

Creating Rollover Effects Using CSS List Menus
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Ever seen those fancy links where they change their appearance as soon as you place your mouse cursor on them?

Using Cookies with PHP

Using cookies in PHP is a fairly easy task. As you know, you can store information in a cookie that can be used later on.

Generating a Random Number in PHP
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Sometimes you need to generate unique random numbers if you want to assign IDs to your members or assign unique values to your shopping cart items.

Relevance of Relevant Content

Search engines actively and regularly seek new content. As more and more search engine algorithms evolve into complex, human-centric logics, they seek content that is relevant to the search conducted by the surfer. They also want to present freshly updated content to their users. Google sends out its ‘freshbot’ spider to gather and index new material from all the sites which offer it.

Writing Optimized Articles

I’ve been writing lots of stuff about how to write optimized content (visit http://www.amrithallan.com/optimized-content.asp to see what’s optimized content) for web pages.

Working As A Freelancer

Is it easy to work as a freelancer or difficult? I contemplate this as a writer, or rather, a content writer. Why do I not work in a company? As a matter of fact, I had a somewhat “nice” job some time back but couldn’t stay there for more than three months.

How I Promote My Business

A big challenge when you work on your own is, you constantly have to promote yourself until you have become so famous that you have to hide somewhere to escape from your chasing customers.

Why Have Optimized Content?

Ever since the beginning of the search-engines dominated Internet, the importance of keywords and key phrases has remained undiminished. Although PPC and other technologies have tried to take precedence over them, they have remained the tool of the masses to get found on the search engines. Millions of searches are conducted every month using Google, Yahoo!, MSN and other mediums. Those who can pay, bid for positions and clicks. Those who cannot, or don’t want to, optimize their websites for the relevant keywords.

Combining Links and Content

When you write for a web page there is a great attraction for using hyper-links. Even I cannot resist the temptation of linking different pages to a single paragraph just to encapsulate lots of information in short text.

Write to Make Them Buy

We know that the primary aim of a sales copy is to make people buy. I don’t mean you should trick people into buying, but your copy should be written in such a manner that it should address to the issues that directly make an impact on them. To understand this, you have to empathize with your readers, with the website visitors.

Turn Readers Into Buyers

Oh yes, I know you have read the above phrase umpteen times in all those “killer copy” articles but let me tell you something, you like it or not, what you write is what you get. If your website content is good, you do good business and if your website content is crappy, well, you get my point.

JavaScript: Redirecting URL

Whenever you want to generate dynamic pages you often have to resort to using some server side scripting language such as PHP or ASP.

A Shopping Cart Class in PHP

Classes have eluded me (rather I have eluded them) since the beginning of my primitive programming days (remember Turbo C++?).

Publishing Newsletter Using PHP & MySQL
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Are you tired of using third-party tools to send out routine notifications and emails to your clients? Or, do you want to send your newsletters with individual names of people in the beginning. This series of articles helps you achieve this.

Simple steps to leading better

A good leader has a great impact on the success and failure of a business project. Leadership is all about channelizing the skills and abilities of your subordinates towards the designated goal. A leader always encourages the team, keeps it focused on the main objective, nourishes individual talent, and gives due credit where it belongs.

Setting up Apache, PHP and MySQL on Windows

I’m writing this article assuming you’re running Windows XP on your computer. Even if you are not, you can use this article to setup these three on almost all basic Windows flavors.

Websites for Search Engines or People?

Who is more important to you as a webmaster: the visitor or the search engine?

PHP and MySQL — Adding data

There comes time when your website tends to transcend the boundaries of mere brochure type looks.

How to speak Well?

Do you get tongue-tied while speaking to strangers or office-colleagues? Or, the thought of giving a presentation/speech to a group of people sends a rattle snake up your spine? Your voice turns viscous, your knees go weak, and your spirit leaves you to stroll on another planet?

Writing When You Are Not Feeling Like Writing

This article is sort of a soliloquy because of late I have been doing exactly what I say, in this article, a writer shouldn’t be doing. I often find myself groping in the darkness of culpable escapism where I often try to create excuses for not writing.

Disabling the Right-click Mouse Button

Sometimes you don’t want the visitor to be able to click the right mouse button and do all the stuff associated with it. Although personally I’m not in favor of such gimmicks and limit the visitor’s independence, you learn something new in this tutorial.

Dumping Form Information Onto a Web Page

There comes a time when you have to create very complex, very comprehensive online forms consisting of 30 to 40 fields. While debugging the form output, or while validating the individual form fields (for example, if all the fields have been filled), you need to dump all the form field with their names and with their respective values onto a web page so you can see exactly what is coming from where. This tutorial tells you how to do that.

Suppose we have the following form. To make the example shorter, I have not used many fields.

What to Look for in a Web Hosting Package

It is not a small decision to choose a web host for your web site. Once your website begins to flourish and grow, it will become very difficult to move your website to some other host. It is critical to “get it right the first time”. Find out as much as you can about your prospective host before making any decisions.