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A Niche is in EVERY Neuron of Your Brain

Dr. Ralph Wilson of Wilsonweb.com, a very famous e-commerce consultant once said:

Fast Money Using Mini Sites

Most people want to make money faster than the speed of light. While there’s nothing wrong with this approach, however, the path followed to make instant cyber-buck$ is usually *flawed* in most of the cases. That’s why most people find it difficult to make a living online, and hence give up their dreams.

Don’t Punish Yourself Doing (Type X) Business

Are you type X or type Y?

Don’t worry, it ain’t gonna hurt you until you really understand what you should be? Type X, or Type Y!

Internet Gurus DO Sell Products Like Crazy — Ever Wonder Why?

Back in the early days when I started off my ebiz venture in the online business community, I always wondered why some people make tons of sales while others hardly make a few.

Make Intelligent Use Of Your Biggest Asset — The CREDIBILITY!

Given a choice to purchase a book from an online bookstore, which store would you choose to buy the book from, Amazon.com or SomeUnheardBookStore.com?

Success at Spinning Wheels — The Insider Story

When I get up in the morning, I usually plan and prepare my day’s schedule. Sometime long ago I read a wise quote by Benjamin Franklin that says:

By failing to prepare, you’re preparing to fail
Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

How To Get Wealthy Using The Power Of Just 2 Words!

Many of you already know that I’m totally crazy when it comes to travelling and adventures. I just love discoveries.

Be with the herd or not to be with it?

Recently, I’ve had a decent amount of traffic to my website which resulted mostly in newsletter signups. Ofcourse that’s exactly what I want for my business.

Chaining Your Future into Niches — A Global Perspective

This article has been written based on my vision of how online businesses will operate in the near future.

Opportunities are Shouting — Are You Listening?

One of my cousins’ sister is a student of archaeology. She’s got a passion for it. A couple of days back she invaded our house and dragged me to one of her friend’s beautiful house backyard where I had some weird but useful discussion with her friend.

How to Build Relationships that Transform into Sales

Over the past few years working on the Web at a deeper level, I’ve noticed that only a handful of people are actually working on building customer relationships. Heck, that’s where the real money can be made.

Do You Have a Knack For Finding Your Own Profitable Niche?

Since more than a weeks time, I’m continuously trying to research and identify niches in every imaginable area I can, to quench my thirst for making a long list of unfilled niches.

How To Become An Early Bird Super Affiliate

Ask ANY marketing guru about achieving success on the Net, and s/he will tell you that the ONLY way for a small guy to make a success story is by having a perfect niche.

How You Can Start The #1 Business Online

Successful businesses are everywhere. Even after the dotcom crash, and the current wave of the economic downturn, some online buddies are making record sales, and are still earning higher profits.

Harness The Awesome Power Of Opt-In Mailing List

Ask any successful Internet marketer, and he/she will tell you that creating an Opt-In mailing list (ezine or newsletter) is absolutely a MUST for the success of any online business.

How To Solve The Monster Puzzle Using 7 Rules Of The Game

I wrote this series of articles with just one objective in mind – to help you understand how to peel off the confusion, and carve out YOUR way to success.

Lets Blow The Cannon — Market Aggressively

Do you know what it takes to market your Web site aggressively?

What Will be the Future Like?

Every week I receive 4, sometimes 7 proposals for joint ventures. Most of them have started giving their informational products for free just as a giveaway to promote their product in my newsletter.

7 Bullets to Making an Easy Sale

Let’s say you already know what a visitor actually want from you, since you’re successful in driving targeted traffic. Right? You’ve tried hard to get everything there is to turn her down as a customer. That includes your website design, guarantees, ease of interface etc.

Build A Site That Sells Effectively

I won’t overwhelm you by the amount of text that you’ve already digested in various “How-To” articles and eBooks on this subject. But, since ‘Building A Site That Sells Effectively’ is part of the Monster Puzzle series, I’ll give you a useful checklist of Do’s and Don’ts here:

Mr. Geez is Back in Business! Wanna Know How?

Are you just marketing? I mean marketing just for the sake of generating sales? Sure everybody does it for sales. However, with the increasing online competition, generating enough sales has become even more difficult if not impossible.

The Most Powerful But Overlooked Success Rule in Cyberspace

Before I begin, I want you to read this article with an understanding that there’s no way, you can make a fortune until you realize the importance of a basic success rule. This article reveals the secret that makes you a winner in this crowded battlefield of Internet warriors. Get the rule, and then swiftly apply it in your your marketing model.