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Alister Cameron is an accomplished web designer and internet marketing consultant who turns established subject-matter experts into expert bloggers. Alister's clients are using blogging and social media to leverage their offline expertise in the online world, and engage Alister to build their blogging platform or social network; to train them in writing and online marketing strategy; and to help them stay up with the latest developments in blogging and online marketing. Alister's blog is a rich tapestry of advice, anecdotes and reflections from the frontline of professional blogging, social media and search engine marketing, and never without generous dollops of humor and wit.
Another Digg Success Story

Tim Ferriss

Stopping WordPress Comment Spam

I am now averaging over 100 spam emails every day in my Akismet spam trap. So, thank you Akismet.

But being a conscientious kind of guy, I want to make sure a “false positive” hasn’t got quarantined, so I like to go through the spam comments before deleting them, just to be sure.

How Rowse Can Convince Internet Marketers to Blog

In today’s post, Darren Rowse at Problogger asks:

“If you had the attention of 400 internet marketers for an hour and were given the brief to talk to them about blogging – where would you take the session?”

It’s a great question, and a great opportunity to lay some important points out on the table. And why should you listen to me? Because I am a professional blog consultant who works with Alliance Software, a company whose clients are almost exclusively high-performance internet marketers. (We’re talking “gun” entrepreneurs running highly-leveraged businesses turning over millions per annum off online sales.) I am therefore in both worlds all the time, and never sure whether to call myself a blog guy or an internet marketing guy!

How Good of a Blog Writer are You?

Two nights ago I got upset about something and did one of the two curious things I tend to do when I get

Dell IdeaStorm – Ultimate Customer Feedback Example

Dell IdeaStorm, which launched earlier this month, is the ultimate example of Seth Godin-style “take something good, innovate, and make it great” thinking.

Digg Ignores the Obscene

Muhammad Saleem picks up on a post by Rathnavibushana, lamenting the moral wasteland that Digg can sometimes be. Do take the time to read both those posts… they’re worth it.

XML-RPC for Blog Comments

Fairly regularly in the blogosphere you hear people complaining about how few people reading their blog go the next step and leave a comment.

I recall that last year, Darren Rowse posted his "10 Techniques to Get More Comments on Your Blog", linking to a Jakob Nielsen study that found that

Social Media, Blog Rage & the Relational Web

One of the things I spend quite a bit of my time doing is helping clients and prospects understand the difference between a "regular" website and a social network. I spend a lot of my time arguing in favour of "social media", in the belief that a social media approach is at the heart of what we call "Web 2.0″ and is closer to how humans naturally function in "real life".

Relationship Blogging and Digg

Today is Australia Day the equivalent of the 4th of July for my buddies over the ocean.

Digg and Knuttz – No Longer Friends?

Since my post four days ago about the incredible run of Knuttz submissions on Digg, their winning streak has suddenly come to a grinding and painful halt.

ScobleSearch: Search What Scoble Reads

If the mythology is accurate, you can’t keep up with Robert Scoble’s reading and blogging habits.

Diggers are Nuts about Knuttz

The folks over at Knuttz.net have cracked the code on Digg. So listen up, I’m here to explain to you exactly how they do it (well, with one critical missing detail!)