About Alex Skorohodov

I am a developer, designer, dmoz volunteer editor and consultant. I have been working in the computer networking industry since 1991, providing training, technical support, project management and consulting services. After working for 4 years for a major online company providing web development technical support services, I was offered a directors position in a large real estate corporation utilizing my web development and management skills. A few years later I decided to start a side business for myself and created Kosmos Central LLC a web promotion consulting company. Currently I provide my consulting services for the same company and a few more. I've lived in the Portland Oregon Area the majority of my existence on this planet and occasionally Ill take time off to enjoy life
Hiring a Professional SEO Firm

If you don’t have the time to learn to use optimizing software and research all the potential companies for link trades, or maybe you’d just rather focus on your core business and pay someone else to market and optimize your site.

Article Swapping and Trading Tips

Swapping articles is a great way to improve your search engine rankings and at the same time attract more visitors to your site. Creating an Article Trading Center is the most effective resource you can actually provide your potential visitors. An article trading center is basically where you would swap articles with other webmasters and article authors related to your web site to benefit all parties. This is done the same way as exchanging links but has a higher return on investment or greater results (my opinion).

Link Popularity Basics

Link Popularity is defined as the number of web sites linked directly to a particular web site. Building a web site is only the first step towards a successful presence on the Internet. In order to generate traffic for your site, web surfers have to be able to find it. Search engines like Google, Yahoo & AOL are the number one doorways to your site and in order for a surfer to find your site it needs to be optimized for; link popularity, keywords, text, image alt tags, urls and then properly submitted to the major search engines.

Mistakes of Search Engine Marketing

Is SEO No Longer Effective?

Search engine optimization has become more challenging over the years and there are many critics out there who have declared that it no longer works. There are thousands of small sites populating those top search indexes! So, don’t buy into the idea that SEO is no longer effective; if you do your site will never realize the potential of being highly indexed by any search engine.

Search Engine Marketing Tips

Target the Right Keywords

A keyword is a word or phrase that a web surfer will use in searching for a website. Some think that choosing the right keywords is a no brainer, but don’t be fooled into this line of thinking. If you jump in, optimize your site and achieve a top ranking from the keywords you chose you may then realize that your visitor counter has not changed at all. All that hard work to optimize your site keywords and nothing to show for it.

Submitting To DMOZ the Open Directory

A very important step or the most important step is getting your site listed in the Open Directory Project (http://www.dmoz.com). This directory provides search results for many of the important search engines and online portals. The ODP is not a search engine, thus is not driven by a robot spider. It is a directory which is edited by a live human being and you must acknowledge a few very essential points if your submission is to be of success. How long does it take to get submitted? Some sites may take a couple of weeks and other may take half a year. So, make not of the suggestions below and if all goes well you’ll be in sooner than you think.

Reciprocal Link Popularity

Reciprocal link popularity should be one of the main cornerstones of all site marketing campaigns.

How to Manage Link Trades

A link exchange campaign has to be managed very intelligently!

Banned From Google?

How do you know if you are banned from Google?

Many web site owners are under the false impression that if they can’t get their web site listed on a search engine then they must be restricted from that engine.

One Way Links Versus Reciprocal Linking

If you want to feel the exhilaration after noticing one day that your rankings are on the rise, you will have to focus on one very important ranking criterion, your link popularity or page rank of your site.

How to Create One Way Non-Reciprocal Links

Your site should have more incoming links than outgoing links and Incoming links are more valuable than outgoing links or reciprocal link trading.

Choosing The Right Keywords

When exploring good keyword choices there are several steps one must consider. The most important step is putting your self in the shoes of the type of customer you want to target. Just make a list of the keywords or phrases you think that customer would enter into a search engine or directory when searching for your company or site. A good tool is WordTracker.com which will help you brainstorm different key phrases. Ask friends and associates which words they would use to search for your site on the internet, if they were looking for a site similar to yours.

Why is DMOZ So Important to The Web?

DMOZ (The Open Directory Project or ODP) is a human managed directory that sends results or data to search engines. The human editors are mostly unpaid volunteers so getting your site listed at DMOZ might not be very easy. Sites have been known to take up to a year to get listed. Don’t get frustrated though, because being listed at DMOZ is almost as important as being listed at Google. Arguably many webmasters view that a listing at DMOZ is even more important than a $300/year paid listing at Yahoo.