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Accepting Payments Online Without a Merchant Account

Do you really need a merchant account?

The Most Overlooked Principle To Raising Your Prices

Finding customers isnt usually the hard part of selling. Its “closing” that can drive you crazy. You know the excuses.

How to Establish your Self Confidence as an Entrepreneur

It is only natural that when you start a business, you are doing something different than most people.

How to Create an Up selling Advantage for your Business

Up selling your customers is simply providing the next logical solution to your customer’s next logical need. It’s your job to always create that next logical need and continually sell and sell.

How To Determine Your Customer’s Value

This literally can be the most profitable thing you’ll ever do for your business and that is to understand exploiting the actual value of your customer. It’s been called the Marginal Net Worth and the Lifetime Value.

Incorporating Your Business Using Three Simple Steps

Incorporating your business today is much easier than it was 10 or even 20 years ago. Here’s three steps; securing your corporate name, filing the necessary documentation and paying the necessary filing fees. You can complete these steps yourself, use an incorporation service provider or have an attorney complete them for you.

Test Your Direct Response Marketing Using Two Steps

Of all the mistakes a small business owner can make, possibly none will cost more than failing to test one aspect against another. In order words, testing one price against another. One headline against another. One ad against another.

Produce Huge Results for your Business using Joint Ventures

One of the best ways to make money, at the least, if not at no cost, are joint ventures. What I’m talking about is joint venturing With Others In Your Field!

How To Recognize Your Niche Marketing Agenda

Starting a business, whether it’s retail products or services, must establish their own “niche”. It doesn’t matter how great your products or services is, how great your sales letter is or your headlines, offers or what a great price you’re offering. If you try to sell your products or services to the wrong market, there’s a strong guarantee it’s not going to work.

Marketing Automation For Small Businesses And Web Entrepreneurs

Many Internet marketers wonder how they spend less time marketing their website so they can focus on delighting their clients and developing better marketing strategies to improve sales.