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Linkbaiting or Link Baiting?

Rand mentioned that there are multiple types of linkbait, those that are known as controversial and those which are informational or comprehensive. I view them both as being in the same category though…evoking emotions and thus links. :)

Interactive Features on Trusted Branded Sites

Over the past year large brands have been extending their sites out, adding interactive features which leverage their brand value and trust against niche user generated content.

Quality Niche Content Websites

Niche websites:

Bad Advice That Sounds Good

Many professional lies are passed off as good information because they are just part of an industry vernacular or learning curve. For example, many people say make quality content, but never attempt to define what quality content is, or even how certain types of quality content are being marginalized by scrapers, social sites, user generated content, automated news sites, and search engines.

Authorities, Language, And Relational Databases

Why does Google sponsor spam and tell people to blend their AdSense ads, but try to control other link sales?

Value Systems

On the web there is a meshing of a virtually unlimited number of value systems.

Microsoft Just Doesn’t Get Marketing

In an attempt to be innovative on the mapping front Microsoft has created bird’s eye view 3D images of numerous cities.

Quintura Updates Keyword Research Tool

Quintura updated their website to allow you to use their keyword research tool right from there home page, without needing to download any software.

The Butchering of the English Language
George Orwell was a great writer. I recently came across a cool paper he wrote in 1946 titled Politics and the English Language. In it he stated that most bad writing typically has the following two signatures:
  1. staleness of imagery
  2. lack of precision

He believed that it is the job of every writer to try to maintain (and improve upon) the clarity of language

Determining the Value of Links from Link Renting

What is Link Renting? Link renting is a means to rent’ the popularity and traffic flow of another site – you pay a monthly fee in return for a text link pointing to your site.

PageRank: a True Commodity
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What is PageRank Worth?

Whatever people are willing to pay for it. Nothing more, nothing less…

Delusional Search Engine Optimization & SEO Tips

Why do People Become Successful?

Usually it is the result of having extreme natural gift or a passion for a topic. Sometimes success is a function of luck. On the web it is the syndication of thought that makes people extremely successful.

Why Build a Niche Website?

Larger is not necessarily better. Many people tell you to make tons of content but fail to explain exactly what quality content is. The biggest problem with growing extremely large is a complete loss of focus.

Interview of Bruce Stone of Wow Directory

Hello Bruce,

Thanks for taking the time to let me ask you a few questions. Lets get into the questions…

Domain Names and Anchor Text

Branding vs Naming

Many people say that the name of a website should be original. It should convey some sense of branding unlike any other site. They say your name should not be generic.

Website Submission: Just the Facts
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Search Engine Traffic Breakdown

Over 90% of US search engine traffic is driven by Yahoo! or Google owned search technology – source: Search Engine Watch. Additionally Ask Jeeves owns around 5% of the traffic. You may hear the names of many other search engines, but most of them are powered by the above search engines in one way or another. For example, Yahoo! owns Inktomi, AltaVista, and AllTheWeb. All three of those search engines are powered from the same database as Yahoo! Search. A few meta search engines also drive a decent amount of traffic.

The Missing Link: Selling the Link

McDonalds…They pretty much have nothing to do with links, except that I ate there today. I changed my usual order of three McChicken sandwiches without lettuce to two McChicken sandwiches without lettuce.

Branding a Directory

How do I Create a Successful Directory?

There are a few things which are important to do when creating a directory. To maximize the long term success of your directory you want to ensure:

Free SEO Software: Shoe String Budget Search Engine Optimization
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The Cost of SEO

Even more costly than the time performing SEO is the time it takes to learn how to do it correctly. Many people want to sell you things for $10 or $20 which have no intrinsic value. Most of the best SEO tools do not even cost 1 cent.

6 Tips for Choosing an SEO Company
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First we will start off with the low hanging fruit. I do not recommend anything in the Black Hat SEO directory…its bad stuff!