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Aaron Wall is the author of SEO Book, a dynamic website offering marketing tips and coverage of the search space, free SEO videos, and free SEO tools. He is a regular conference speaker, partner in Clientside SEM, and publishes dozens of independent websites.
Email and Link Building

The difference between getting 5 links and 50 links for a story is often just a couple good mentions.

Beta Testing Amazon Clickriver

I got my invite to beta test Clickriver today. Yippie. I already set up my account, so lets see how long it takes Amazon to start showing my ads for things like my name and search engine optimization.

A Reasonable Price to Pay for SEO?

SEO Question: What is a reasonable price to pay for professional SEO services?

Do You Have Ads on Your Business Cards?

Where ads look like content, or people are willing to pay for ads as content you can make a lot of money, but if your website is about marketing, and you heavily place ads on it there is no way to know how much that is going to cost you.

What Communities Does Your Website Belong In?

Right now search relevancy algorithms are heavily tied to overall authority, but given enough time publishers and search marketers will undermine that measure of relevancy the same way that keyword density and raw PageRank died off.

SEM and Lateral Thinking Skills

Joe Sinkwitz, also known as Cygnus, has a great post explaining how the polarized view of SEO is quite naive and inaccurate in nature.

Cache Date – New Google PageRank

Given Google’s reliance on core domain authority and displaying outdated PageRank scores, cache date is a much better measure of the authority of a particular page or site than PageRank is.

Who are Your Site’s Stakeholders?

Each site has unique goals, audiences, and desired actions from each audience.

Proof of Effective SEO and Marketing Techniques

I saw an email with the subject line of PROVEN Adsense Templates, but given Google’s recent change of TOS how can they be proven?

Your Site – Listen to it

If you have a site which equally covers 4 parallel areas and you put the same amount of content up for each area odds are that one area will drastically outperform all the others.

Miva Dumping Yahoo Partnership

Recently Miva announced that they were dumping a partnership with Yahoo! in favor of distributing Google ads.

Reliable Income Streams and Defensible Traffic

A paradox to SEO and Internet marketing is that the less your sites need to rely on search engines the more search engines need to rely on your site, and the more reliable your rankings will be.

Leveraging Statistics and Duping Mainstream Media

From large scale stat providers right down to the smallest detail it is easy to take a statistic out of context and draw false conclusions from it.

Canary in Coal Mine VS. Boy Who Cried Wolf
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Back in September I posted that I thought it was somewhat sketchy for Google to recommend there photo search when a person searched for Istockphoto and got flamed for it.

Aaron Wall Interviews Digital Ghost

DigitalGhost is an odd fellow, in a good way. Always a blast to chat with, and a smart guy who gives me lots of good advice. He recently started blogging again, and that prompted me to ask him from an SEO.

Anything Worth Reviewing?

So I decided to test out ReviewMe for one of my sites, and I think it has been a pretty cool experience. I think most advertisers are going to eat it up after they give it a go.

Optimizing Pages for Link or Profit Potential

Each web page can be optimized for conversion or linkability, but few pages are well optimized for both. That is part of why search as a business model works so well. The signals of quality that search engines look for are typically associated with information, not pages that convert well, thus those who have overtly conversion oriented sites and pages have to buy advertising.

Yahoo! Directory Registration

SEO Question: Is a Yahoo! Directory registration worth it? How do I know what directories are worthwhile? What directories should I submit to? Do you have any good site submission tips?

High Quality Editorial Links?

Editorial links are…well, editorial links.

Top Ranking in Google But Nothing in Yahoo!
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SEO Question: I rank #3 in Google for one of my core keywords and yet I am nowhere in it for Yahoo!. Why?

Media Linking to Wikipedia Articles

Not sure if this is something new or not, but I just saw a CNN Money article which linked at a Wikipedia article about Joe Kraus as background on him.

Uncertain About Your Website?

One of the biggest reasons my first site failed was because I wrote too much content on it, making it more of an AdSense / spamsense model than a consulting website. But as far as conversions go, a site like Clientside SEM will blow my old Search Marketing website out of the water every time.

Finding the Strongest Links

Given that many large brands and mainstream media sites are trying to leverage their brand strength by adding interactive content to their sites and every SEO blog in the world (and some from distant universes) have posts about leveraging social media and buidling trust with link baiting, it is probably a pretty safe bet to think that Google is going to be forced away from trusting core domain related trust…and it is going to have to get even better at filtering link quality as well.

Market Timing in New Verticals
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I recently made another post about the importance of brand building and niche markets, and Solomon Rothman commented that one way to go niche is to go stylized / have a unique delivery approach, which is totally valid.