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The Key to Dominating Google is to Matter Outside of it

Rich Skrenta recently mentioned an article about being within the confines of Google:

So it strikes me that the time is right to make some big bets. You can’t make those within the system. My advice: start from scratch, take some chances in finding marketing channels outside the Google system.

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The Freemium Business Model for Content

Here is a great speech by Chris Anderson about how reputation and attention are becoming the new economies upon which much of the internet (and potentially offline) world may be based upon.

Freemium consists of giving away value (and possibly wrapping it in ads), as a lead generator to sell premium products and services.

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Ideas Yahoo Must Implement Soon

Yahoo!’s Downward Trend

Yahoo! killed off their brand universe project, and recently fired 30 people. Rumor has it that about 2,000 more layoffs might be coming soon. Yahoo! shares are nearing $20, trading at $20.78, and giving them a market capitalization of $27.8 billion.

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Conference Saturation Can Lead to Burnout

I think conferences are great for coming up with business ideas and making meaningful friendships and business relationships, and I would not have as many opportunities as I have now unless I went to many conferences back in the day.

But I think I have been going to about 8 or 10 conferences a year for the past couple years and have got burned out on them. I am going to be at Elite Retreat this year, but am hoping that I can take a break otherwise.

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CPM Rate Contraction on the Way?

Carl Fremont of Digitas thinks their might be online CPM rate contraction in 2008.

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How to Make Money off of Accidental Rankings

Since Google largely tends to favor ranking informational websites over commercial websites, some authoritative blogs tend to rank for valuable queries based on posts they make in passing.

Even if you had no intent to monetize a post, it just became easier to monetize accidental rankings. If you use analytics to track your stats and notice that you start ranking for some good keywords you can use Triggit to embed links to merchant products directly in the text of your blog post.

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Calling it a Scam, Then Selling it

To be honest, I have used the "scam or not" angle before when trying to pull in traffic for something and have called stuff a "scam" when I did not like it, but I have never called something a scam right before trying to sell it.

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What Does the Future of the Newspaper Look Like?

Mediapost referenced a 66 slide powerpoint by The World Association of Newspapers, titled Shaping the Future of the Newspaper.

Each bulleted list below is a slide from their presentation. I grouped some of them together to discuss how/where I think they relate.

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Web 2.0 Coming to a Grocery Store Near You?

Microsoft is testing placing ads and an interactive media environment on shopping carts:

Cardholders will be able to visit a website and plan their shopping list that will then appear on a cart-attached screen when they get to the store and swipe their card.

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Microsoft and Yahoo Marketing Issues

Microsoft is spending a lot of money creating useful tools for advertisers, and when you go to their tools page they list contextual ads for "all the data mining". If they would just let me know what that ad placement costs I am betting I would be willing to pay more than that thin arbitrage site pays. But I would pay much less than what it would be worth just to keep their tool pages clean so they can help build market adoption.

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Are You a Commodity for Google?

Many SEO Book readers have seen Google Trends before, but did you know that Google Checkout also has a trends feature?

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Microsoft’s Sweet New Ad Intelligence Tool

I hate to curse, but this tool is bad ass. Ad Intelligence is a new keyword tool from Microsoft which is well worth using, and will probably force Google and Yahoo to make better keyword tools.

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