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Is Google Spying On You?
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Is Google reading your email? I guess that depends on who you think Google is, actually. If you think of Google as some vast corporation with lots of employees, then no, they aren’t reading your email. If you think of Google as a large network of Internet servers and computer hardware, then yes, they’re reading your email.

eBay’s New Grid

For those of us who consider ourselves to be computer geeks, the latest changes at eBay are very interesting to note. eBay users (both sellers and buyers) are commenting that the site seems to be working faster, no longer has a scheduled “maintenance period,” and is indexing newly listed auctions more quickly.

New SMTP Email Authentications May Stop SPAM

OK, I admit that these ideas will probably not “cure” SPAM, but they are likely to curb it and will be a strong tool in combating our inbox overflows.

Niche Auction Sites

For many sellers, finding the right items to sell is only half their battle. Finding a place to sell it can sometimes be just as challenging. After all, if you’re selling a rare or hard-to-find item, you will most likely find success at the larger sites such as eBay and Yahoo. Sometimes, though, those sites don’t work out as well as you’d hoped. Or maybe you’d like to supplement the sales there and expand to another site. In either case, you’ll most likely be searching for a niche to move into with your product.

eBay Anything Points: Useful?

Anything Points (AP) are an incentive eBay has created as a way for sellers to motivate buyers. An AP is worth one penny towards anything on eBay, including: fees, items, etc. Since it is a straight one-to-one trade (one penny from the seller to the buyer), there is no money “created” for this incentive.

Online Marketing: Online Auctions

Many people have not considered the value of using online auction houses, such as eBay and Yahoo! Auctions, to promote their own businesses. No matter your business, with a little creativity, you can use this tool to market yourself.

Getting Involved In The Community…Online

The one big advantage that small businesses (and especially home-based or sole-proprietorships) have over larger enterprises is the ability to show personality and friendliness to their customers and potential customers. Someone who is really involved and has a direct interest in the happiness of the customer brings something more to the bargain than does the employee of the faceless corporation.

Deadbeat Bidders

A lot of hype recently in the Online Auction world has surrounded the problem of so-called “deadbeat bidders” on eBay and similar auction services. A recent article on MSNBC.com covered the issue, but focused mainly on Cisco Routers – a piece of computer hardware that has a high demand and a high selling price.

Get a Newsletter, Keep Your Customers

How many return customers does your online business or website have? If you are serious about your marketing, you no doubt have an answer. Is it 10%? 15? 30? Not likely.

Securing a Wireless Network

Last week, we talked about setting up your wireless network and the options that are available. For the home, home-office, or small office, wireless is a great alternative which offers a lot of benefits and flexibility.

Online Marketing: Pay-Per-Click Search Engines

A Pay-Per-Click search engine (also called Pay-Per-Ranking engine) allows you to place your site at the top of their results almost immediately. This comes at a price, though.

Marketing Your Website: Domain Names 101

Any new website venture online will include a domain name. Sometimes the domain is purchased from a domain broker – someone who specializes in reselling domain names. The majority of the time, however, it will be registered through a domain registrar. No matter how it is purchased, in all cases, the domain name (or names) for a website should be carefully considered. The basis of the marketing for the website will be the domain name chosen.

Yahoo! To Buy Overture

On Monday, July 14, both companies announced the plans of Yahoo!, the Internet’s top search directory, to buy Overture, the Internet’s top pay-per-click engine. The move was not surprising to industry insiders, but was very surprising to the public.

So You Think You Want An Online Business

I just finished reading a book by a good friend of mine, Michele Shermerhorn. Her extensive expertise in online selling and auction management has culminated into a book detailing what you’ll need to know to plan, start, and run your own successful online business selling product of any kind.

Internet Marketing Basics

With all of the marketing articles I’ve read and written, I have yet to find one that covers all of the basics at once. I think that this may be because there is just too much information to cover in a few words. Despite this worry, I’m going to attempt it. Obviously, this article will be an overview, not an in depth affair.

Reducing Your 2002 End of Year Taxes

In the next couple of weeks, you will be finishing out the year according to both the calendar and the IRS. Now is the time to quickly plan and take advantage of tax laws to save money on your 2002 return.

If you are self-employed or if you are expecting a large bonus at the end of the year, you can make the money you receive at the end of the year count towards next year’s income instead. Simply ask your client/customer to pay you in January or ask your employer to wait and give you the check at the beginning of the year. This will push the income into next year, thereby lowering your total income for 2002.

Hacker Prevention Techniques

I remember when the term “hacker” referred to a computer geek who could transform a mundane electronic device, with a few modifications, into something completely different from what the manufacturer and designer had envisioned for it. In some cases, these were cool improvements and more than one of these hackers made a fortune selling the rights to them. In other cases, the transformation just made you wonder if the guy’s horn-rimmed glasses were a little too tight.