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Legacy ISA

I found a professed “competent” student at the local university who spent a couple of hours destroying the setup in one of the machines. We now have one machine working..

Mac OS X Ruby on Rails – Where to Go Next

When we left off with Mac OS X Ruby on Rails, I had Rails up and running but had not a clue as to where to go from there.

Linux Starter Kit Review

I should say all the nice things first: this is an attractively packaged DVD distribution of Suse 10.1 which includes a 128 page “Quick Start Guide”.

Mac OS X Ruby on Rails

I’ve been ignoring Ruby on Rails for a while now. Oh, I knew I’d have to look at it sooner or later, but you know the old saying about old dogs and new tricks.

Ancient Unix

I had noticed The Computer History Simulation Project some time ago, but I never got around to doing anything with it. This July Fourth, with nothing else pressing me, I decided to take a more in depth look.


I’m still puzzling over Quicksilver. I’m really not sure whether I don’t get it, or it’s the people that love it that really don’t get it.

Symphony OS

The funniest thing about Symphony OS is the posts you’ll sometimes see asking if its Mezzo Desktop can be ported to Linux.

Bad Routers

I have a customer with a branch office in China. The folks over there need access to resources in the main office, so of course we implemented a VPN between the two offices.

Where’s the Memory?

I had happened across How To Remotely Monitor Memory Usage and smiled when I saw this :

Puppy Linux

It sounds like a toy, doesn’t it? “Puppy Linux”. So cute, and when it first boots you’ll hear “Woof-Woof” as a help screen opens.

Apache and PHP

I had a call yesterday with someone looking for help with Php. I explained that I don’t do any Php and probably wouldn’t be able to help. He countered with “Well, it’s really Apache, not Php.”

No Docs?

Microsoft can buy white papers whenever it wants, and of course they do. They say some of these are “independent, non-sponsored” studies.

Inward Bound

There’s a Boston customer I have serviced for many years now.

OS X File Encryption

I’m going to look at two methods for encrypting files on Mac OS X. The first is built in, and uses DisK Utilty to create an encrypted disk image.


I happened to come across Linux Tips: take control of your bash_history.

SMB Caching

A customer had a particular shared folder setup so that only he had access to it.

Root Kit Hunter

I had a strange problem with one of my own RedHat machines the other day. Very simply, I couldn’t su to root, and I couldn’t even login at the console as root.

Selinux on FC5

Selinux can be confusing, but it’s ordinary and default configuration is actually pretty simple. We’ll examine it on Fedora Core 5.


I do like BSD OSEs, but I think the most interesting thing about the release of PC-BSD is that the download page incudes a VMware image.

Time to Fix the Bugs?

Almost two years ago I wondered about the negative aspects of companies like IBM and HP trying to control Linux by hiring top Linux developers.

Tree Maps of Disk Space

GrandPerspective and Disk Inventory X are two free Mac OS X apps that give graphical views of where your disk space is being used.

mount –bind

Most Linux and Unix file systems don’t allow hard links to directories (except for the . and .. entries that mkdir creates itself).

The Last Windows OS?

Sometimes the game is over even though somebody on the losing team is still running like mad toward home plate.

GDI Printers

“But I’m just sending data to Windows – why doesn’t the Windows printer driver just take care of it?”