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The Psyche of PC Owners

Apparently I’m not the only one wondering if Microsoft is going to take a big belly flop with Vista: David Morgenstern at eWeek has a column asking “What if Microsoft Held a Vista Party and Nobody Came?”.


I liked the last paragraph of Carla Schroder’s “Run Zeroconf for Linux in a Snap

Continuation Lines

There’s been a long standing Unix convention of breaking long lines with a “\” to make them easier to read.

Mac OS X Internals Review

I’ve been waiting quite a while for this book. It was the introduction of the Intel Macs that delayed this; an appendix and numerous updates throughout the book cover the new hardware and the software changes (that’s the August 2006 printing; if you are buying used and want the Intel info, don’t buy the June 2006 edition).

Another old SCO Box

The last time I saw a SCO 3.2v4.2 system was the summer of 2004, but another peeked out of the bushes this week.

Grokking the Source

At http://www.codinghorror.com/blog/archives/000684.html, Jeff Atwood has an interesting observation:

The Hidden Loop

Programmers use loops to avoid writing repetitive code, but sometimes forget that compilers will unroll their loops when possible for efficiency.

Javascript – The Definitive Guide: Review

This is the Fifth Edition of “Javascript The Definitive Guide”. I dragged out my old Second Edition (1997) of this book for comparison.

Vista vs. Leopard Poker Showdown

So Apple has given us a taste of Leopard while almost certainly withholding some features to hit Microsoft with later this year or early next.

Troubleshooting Mistakes

The very first part of troubleshooting is identifying the problem. That’s not always easy even for skilled professionals.

Why was Linux Successful (and will it stay so)?

Internet News reported on a panel discussion of the reasons why Linux was successful. I had been thinking about that myself recently, and had earlier found an older but more detailed article on the same subject.

A/B Testing for Adsense is Often Pointless

Google recently posted a little blurb about The ABCs of A/B Testing. I hate to be a wet blanket, but for most of us lower volume publishers, that’s a pointless exercise with little to gain.

Linux pinfo

I have never liked Linux “info”. The reason is simple enough: I don’t like Emacs, and “info” uses an emacs style interface.

Mac OS X: Time Machine

Apple has added something they are calling Time Machine to the upcoming “Leopard” release of OS X.

Understanding Ajax: Review

I enjoyed this much more than the other other Ajax book I reviewed recently.

Review: PHP 5 in Practice

As some of my readers know, I’m stuck in Perl. I started my web site with Perl and it’s so completely dependent upon it now that I can’t imagine changing.

Sleeping Macbooks

MacBooks and iBooks can be put to sleep simply by closing the lid. That’s the method I usually use when I’m done for the day: just close the lid.

Debugging a Network Failure

As is happening in much of the U.S. right now, we are experiencing extreme heat in New England, and of course that means high electrical loads from air conditioning, and also means late afternoon thunderstorms with lightning.

Filepro Conversion

In years past, I did a lot of Filepro work. This goes way, way back: I worked on the first Tandy Xenix version when it was still beta – so beta that it couldn’t even do floating point math reliably!

Death of the Command Line

It’s hard for me to imagine using an OS without a strong command line. Even Microsoft has recognized the for that with their Monad Shell ( though they are at least temporarily removing that from Vista).

Linux Libuser

The other day I had started typing “ls” while sshed to a RedHat machine and had only typed the “l” when I suddenly decided I needed to switch away to look at something else.

Fugu SSH/SFTP Client

Fugu boasts an Apple Design award for Best Mac OS X Use of Open Source. As expected, I found myself wondering why the heck you need a gui interface for scp or sftp, but actually it turned out to be useful and .. I liked it.

Ajax Book Review

The first thing I should say is that this is a thoroughly enjoyable book. Ed Woychowsky is fun to read, and I could almost recommend this to you even if you have no interest in Ajax.

Review: A Practical Guide to Red Hat Linux

I’m overwhelmed. This is the book I wanted when I started learning about Unix. OK, Linux didn’t exist then, but if it had existed, and if I were sticking my toes in it, this would have been THE book.