Australia Threatens $11,000 Fines For Unapproved Linking

Big Brother suddenly has an Aussie accent

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Be glad if you’re not running a website, blog, or forum in Australia right now. If you linked to the wrong website, a site on the Australian Communications and Media Authority’s secret blacklist, they can fine you $11,000 ($7,262 US) per day that link stays live.

Advanced in the name of combating child pornography, the ACMA’s secret blacklist is said to contain 1,370 websites, over 500 of which are considered legal adult content. The Sidney Morning Herald reports the government is considering expanding the list include over 10,000 sites. The ACMA won’t release the list of currently banned sites, especially if it goes through with a nationwide content filter.

Australia's Blacklist

The ACMA has been caught out at least twice, however, for including websites on whim and request. Wikileaks, which is becoming an important force in international governmental accountability, joined that website-non-grata list after publishing a list of sites banned by Denmark. Even the press release about Denmark’s banned website list was placed on Australia’s “Prohibited Online Content” list.

This was done after a mole lodged a complaint with the ACMA about Wikileaks. The agency’s letter of acceptance was published at the Wikileaks site as well.

As this news spreads, it has been reported that the ACMA has modified its complaints handling process after embarrassment over threatening Whirlpool forums with an $11,000 compliance. A forum member posted a link to a US-based anti-abortion site which posted pictures of aborted fetuses. The site joined the blacklist after someone complained to the ACMA.

One imagines the logic behind not releasing a blacklist is to not encourage or enable visitation to illegal content. However, as the ACMA is proving, those in charge of censoring the Australian Web have become drunk with undesirable content power and have gone about adding innocent and legal sites to the list. Further, it’s hard to imagine the justification for steep fines for linking to sites the government hasn’t revealed are illegal.


Australia Threatens $11,000 Fines For Unapproved Linking
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  • Jammit

    HMm the anti abortion site was constructed by people in the christian cult.

    Well speaking of politically sensitive….

    The Jews never existed, they were like a club of boy scouts, who ripped off the laws of Babylon, stuck their own deities name on it, and then proceeded to champion their own war mongering causes.

    Then along comes a FAKE called Jesus, invented by some sleazes, 2 generations after the fictious event, and then they invented christianity.

    The jews don’t recognise the christians, the christians say the jews are stuck in the “old ways” , yet the christians don’t practice jewish religious law – like jesus said they ought too, and yet when you look at it all, it’s ALL FAKE.

    Compare the “Code of Hammurubi” with the old testament and you’ll see – plagarisim.

    Perhaps the ACMA should block these fanatical cult sites too..

  • Guest

    …I’m sick of atheis jamming their beliefs down my throat as much as I bet they hate the nutjobs of my religion for jamming their beliefs down theirs.

  • Guest

    That’s what I notice about Australia. Using child pornography as an excuse to crack down is a classic symptom of creeping police state. Who could object to a law to protect children? But once the apparatus is in place for that and people are used to and have come to accept it, then they expand the apparatus until it covers other areas unrelated to protecting children.

    That’s all this is. You prosecute child pornography by prosecutin the pornographers, not by nannying the millions of other people who are perfectly innocent. And they know that. Thus the purpose is not to protect children, but to censor the internet in general.

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