Austin Hatch, Plane Crash Survivor, Signs With Michigan


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It is the time when all of the top recruits, and high school basketball stars are set to sign with their future college teams. Michigan may have gained a new star with Austin Hatch, a plane crash survivor who had already committed to Michigan in 2011.

Hatch is the survivor of a plane crash that happened in 2011, an event that killed his father and stepmother.

The impressive young player averaged 23 points as a sophomore for Canterbury High School in Indiana, and he had committed to Michigan shortly before the crash.

He was also in a crash 8 years beforehand that killed his mother. After the crash in 2011, Hatch took some time off from basketball, and e will be finishing his high school career at Loyola High School in the Los Angeles area. He was in a coma for a while, and has regained his health, but has still not had the opportunity to play competitive basketball.

He has been labeled as a standout recruit, and Michigan's coach John Beliein said of the young player "We are excited to have him back and playing basketball again. We expect Austin to be an important part of Michigan basketball."

In addition to Hatch, two elite players just signed with Duke yesterday, including the number one player in the nation, Jahlil Okafor. as well as Tyus Jones.

After moving from Fort Wayne, Indiana to Pasadena, California, his future career at Michigan is unclear, but Coach Belein says that he will be a part of the team in some way. He discussed him further when saying that he is a high IQ player, a great shooter, and also that "He sees the floor and his teammates well and has great leadership capabilities."

Belein is very excited about his upcoming recruiting class, and in addition to Austin Hatch, Kameron Chatman, D.J. Wilson and Ricky Doyle have all signed with the wolverines.

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