Audrie Pott: 15-Year Old Girl Implicated In Suicide

    July 29, 2013
    Amanda Crum
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Audrie Pott–the 15-year old California girl who committed suicide last year after discovering a group of boys had sexually assaulted her while she was passed out at a party and then posted photos of it online–brings to mind the Steubenville rape case. Both girls involved had been drinking while at a party, and both were raped while they were unconscious. Both cases had far-reaching effects in their communities. But now, new information has come to light that sets the cases apart: a female has been accused of involvement in Pott’s assault.

The 15-year old girl has been named in the Pott family’s lawsuit as someone who was in the room at the time of the incident, encouraging the boys to take off Audrie’s clothes and to write in marker on her private parts. They took photos of the assault which were later spread online, and then the girl allegedly buttoned Audrie’s shorts and covered her up, leaving her alone in the room. The girl–named only as Jane C. in the lawsuit because of her age–reportedly lied about her involvement in the assault.

Audrie’s Facebook account provided information for investigators after her death, as messages were found recounting her recollection of the night and the fact that she was being bullied.

“I have a reputation for a night I don’t even remember and the whole school knows,” she wrote in one Facebook message to a friend. “I cried when I found out what they did.”

The three boys involved have been charged with sexual battery, dissemination of child pornography and possession of child pornography and are on house arrest as they await trial.

Image: Facebook

  • Name

    Well, the girl involved should go to prison too. Girls are just bad as boys. Our teenagers aren’t innocent kids anymore. Heck, they are not kids at all. They are as big as adults and doing the things adults do.

  • The King of the Jews

    The parents should be suing themselves. They’re the ones who failed their daughter.

    • J

      Yes, for allowing their roles as parents to be usurped by government. It should not be a crime to let your kids drink alcohol, learn how the body reacts to it, learn limits. But no, instead its illegal (which means kids want it all the more) and for the ones who wait until college and binge on it and lose control because they couldn’t comprehend how much 3 of those yummy fruity drinks would eff them up, well, bad things happen.

  • Sarah O

    I do not agree that they would even be allowed to press charges against the other girl’s parents. What the hell do they have to do with it? I do understand that Audrie’s parents are looking to blame someone, but it shouldn’t be the other girl’s family, nor the school. No one made their daughter go to that party and no one forced her to drink herself until she passed out. She decided to do so all by herself. Now, that being said, these boys shouldn’t have taken advantage of her the way they did but boys will be stupid boys sometimes. It’s tragic that this poor girl took her life but her parents should give it a rest and stop trying to blame everybody else. It’s their parents just as much, if not even more. They could’ve asked to talk to the other girl’s parents to confirm their claims, but they didn’t.