Audi Super Bowl Ad Kills Some Vampires

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Audi has officially thrown its hat into the ring to compete for this year's best Super Bowl ad, releasing "Vampire Party" to the YouTube masses more than a week before the big game.

The ad is now available because Facebook users completed Audi's "Race The Light" contest, where the company released the ad as a 60-piece puzzle and fans worked together to solve it. Now it's unlocked and I must say, pretty damn cool.

Maybe it's just because the ad features the amazing Echo & The Bunnymen track "The Killing Moon," but I'd say this will become one of the fan favorites during Super Bowl XLVI. The ad features the new Audi S7 and one of its defining features - LED headlights that operate at 5,500 Kelvin and "produce the closest recreation of daylight available." There's where you get into the Vampire killing part. Take that, Edward:

"Given the power of the Super Bowl platform, we wanted to create an entertaining spot that clearly focused on our LED headlights -- one of our key product attributes – while also sparking conversation about whether or not it's time for us to move on from the omnipresent vampire trend into something new and even more exciting," Audi of America CMO Scott Keogh said.

So Audi not only wants to sell 2013 S7's, but also wants to drive a stake through the sparkly vampire obsession currently glamouring our culture.

Proceed, Audi, proceed.

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Josh Wolford
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